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Travel Video: The Garda Bike Hotel Experience
Garda Bike Hotel: The Group Experience - Italian Cycling Holidays for Groups and Teams

Long time PEZ-fans know how we feel about riding in Italy - and why over the years we've logged enough of our own travel miles around the Italian boot to open our own travel agency.  We've stayed a a lot of hotels there and can tell you with complete confidence that the Garda Bike Hotel is one of the best.

Their location at the southern end of Lago di Garda is perfectly situated for easy access by train, plane or car (it's 5 minutes off the A4 autostrada), and perfectly located for a cycling holiday that'll take in flats, hills, and mountain climbs in the wine-rich region of the valpollicella between the glistening shores of the lake, and the ancient Roman colosseum in Verona.  If you've already been then you'll agree I'm not over-selling it - and if you haven't - you'll get it when you see it with your own eyes.

The hotel is was fully renovated in 2012, and is modern, comfortable, and you'll never complain about the wifi.  It's not too big and it's not too small - there's a spa, pool, fully equipped bike room, and racks of new Pinarellos for rent if you like.  It's run by brothers Nicola & Alberto Verdolin - who joined their parents in the hotel business years ago, and bring the perfect mix of Italian passion and flare to professionally run property that's worth a stay.

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But you might just want to start with this video to get an idea of one of their favorite rides around the lake.  I've done it, and can tell you it's spectacular, bordering on epic, with climbs, descents, views of the lake, and some miles on roads made famous by the James Bond film Quantum of Solace - remember that awesome opening scene car chase?

Garda Bike Hotel is the first and original bike hotel located in the south of Lake Garda & Verona, offering customized services for all cyclo-tourists. Brothers Alberto and Nicola have created unforgettable, quality, tailored cycling holidays in Italy with daily guided bike tours/excursions along a variety of flat, hilly and mountainous routes, for all levels of riders, from recreational to competitve. Full carbon bikes are available for hire.

Garda Bike Hotel: The Group Experience - Italian Cycling Holidays for Groups and Teams from GARDA BIKE HOTEL on Vimeo.



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