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The PezCyclingNews ToolBox contains over 700 original & evidence-based articles about cycling training, science & fitness techniques for mind & body, specifically for the competitive cyclist. Our select group of cycling coaches, sports psychologists, nutrition & fit experts, present the latest in cycling training advice to help you be your best.

Led by Dr. Stephen Cheung, Brock University's Canada Research Chair and well known cycling scientist, our team includes USA Cycling Coach Tim Cusick, cycling speed and endurance pioneer John Howard, cycling Registered Holistic Nutritionist Anne Guzman, certified USA Level 1 coaches Bruce Hendler, Matt McNamara, & Josh Horowitz, sports medicine doctor Victor Lun, and more.

Tuesday July 17, 2018
TOOLBOX: With summer in full swing, there's no escaping riding in the heat, but hot temps inhibit the body's ability to perform. Dr. Stephen Cheung is an expert on thermal stresses on human performance and offers up his favorite heat adaptation hacks for cyclists.
Tuesday July 10, 2018
We have just passed the summer solstice and most of us in the northern hemisphere are facing long and hot days on the bike. There are lots of ways to improve our physical capacity in hot conditions, but can we improve our riding through improving our psychological response to heat stress?
Tuesday July 3, 2018
TOOLBOX: With the 105th le Tour de France starting on July 7, much of the focus will be on climbers & general classification riders, but with eight flat stages, the Tour is an excellent opportunity for the sprinters to shine too. This unique discipline requires a certain type of rider - with only a few possessing the physiology and mentality to bang shoulders and wheels at 50+ mph.
Tuesday June 26, 2018
Whether travelling internationally for work, vacation or athletic competition, it’s important to prepare ahead. Medical and health aspects to consider when travelling include: travel and health advisories, immunizations, medications, and jet lag.
Tuesday June 19, 2018
One of the pieces of advice given most often to riders trying to get faster is to ride with people or groups that are faster than they are. And it’s pretty good advice, because faster group rides motivate us to go harder and longer.
Tuesday June 12, 2018
“Train easy in order to train hard” along with “Ride your easy rides easy and your hard rides hard” epitomizes the idea of polarized training. Let’s look at the evolution of speedskating over the past four decades to see how changes in a sport led to changes in how training occurred.
Tuesday June 5, 2018
There are numerous debates over different cycling training philosophies, mainly the “big three” of sweet spot, HIIT (high-intensity interval training), and polarized (80/20). While proponents of each method tend to choose the “side” they like and defend it, my experience has been that each one plays a valuable role in training over time and in specific situations. We can use them all.
Tuesday May 29, 2018
The Haywire Heart by Lennard Zinn, Dr. John Mandrola, and Chris Case
Being avid cyclists, few things get our heart racing like pushing our bodies to its limit on the bike. However, can too much exercise damage our heart and risk our health? “The Haywire Heart” explores the potential link between too much exercise and potential heart damage.
Tuesday May 22, 2018
“Periodization” of your training calendar is the common approach to planning your season. Similarly, the concept of “carb loading” is also a commonly understood concept to maximize performance potential. In the continual quest for gains, coaches and athletes are now looking at “carbohydrate periodization” as an avenue to performance gains, so let’s learn a bit more about this concept…
Tuesday May 8, 2018
Xert’s Adaptive Training Advisor (XATA) uses advanced analytics to not just model your current fitness, but to individually prescribe workouts guiding you towards a desired fitness and time. I relied on it for >90% of my training this winter leading up to April’s gravel season.
Tuesday May 1, 2018
TOOLBOX: Tapering is a mysterious notion. Most competitive cyclists know what it is, and that it should be part of their peak performance, and that it can make that peak performance even better. Here's how to perfect the race taper for competitive cyclists.
Tuesday April 24, 2018
Toolbox: Ahhhhh - it’s spring-time once again. Especially for those living in northern climates, the weather is warming up, the snow is off the roads and it’s time to enjoy riding outside. But it’s also time for local flora to come out of their winter hibernation and re-activate seasonal allergies - here's some help.
Tuesday April 17, 2018
Toolbox: Watching the final crush of Milan Sanremo is to view the crescendo of many hours of impressive metabolism. 1000 kilojoule/hour are common place in the pro cycling peloton, and most surely the last hour of M-S-R is way above that value. Those guys are lean and mean - they've optimized their body mass to build anaerobic power.  What about you?
Tuesday April 10, 2018
The sports nutrition and supplements industry is a multi-billion dollar business. To cut through the pseudoscience and marketing flim-flam masquerading as science, the International Olympic Committee just published an excellent scientific consensus on “Dietary Supplements and the High Performance Athlete.”
Tuesday April 3, 2018
TOOLBOX: It’s that time of year for many cyclists: our base training period is ending and we’re moving into the “build phase".  But these five common mistakes can stop your progress, so here's what to watch out form and how to keep your training on track.
Tuesday March 27, 2018
Toolbox: We all know that pros are different from the average cyclist. But it's extremely rare that we get a full view of a cyclist’s training diary and progression. A long term study tracking Thibaut Pinot's training is a rare find as we get to see the development of a top Grand Tour rider from the junior ranks through to top GC rides in the Tour and Vuelta…
Tuesday March 20, 2018
Working with young developing athletes is, without a doubt, one of the more satisfying areas of the sport to be involved with as a cycling coach. In today's Toolbox Bruce Hendler takes a look at different aspects to look at in a cyclist's development to help them reach their maximum potential.
Wednesday March 14, 2018
REVIEW: The hard training we do on the bike is only the stress that we impose, and is only half of the training equation. To get the most out of that hard training, we need to recover and let our body adapt and come back even stronger. Ultragen recovery drink by First Endurance can be a critical component of your recovery plan.
Tuesday March 13, 2018
TOOLBOX: Sport-related concussions (SRC) can occur in almost all sport activities. However, the risk and severity of cycling concussions can be greater due to crashes at high speeds with only the protection of a helmet.
Saturday March 10, 2018
Toolbox: If you're preparing for an event with some major climbing this season, or if you simply want to improve your climbing ability in general, you probably already know that you need to build your power-to-weight ratio. The more watts you can sustain and the less you weigh, the faster you will be able go uphill.