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Gear Break: Our second collection is another mix of new or cool kit. From offerings from HUNT wheels to a discount on a Campagnolo phone cover. Plus we look at the Visions of Rainbows board game, two very different bikes: The LOOK Tokyo 2020 Olympic track bike and the Ritte Satyr steel gravel bike and we preview the coaching video on Kinomap.

HUNT 52/62/82 Carbon Aerodynamicist
The fastest rim-brake wheels we've ever made.

HUNT are to launch a new range of Carbon Aerodynamicist wheels, available in depths of 52, 62, and 82mm, using 'Aerodynamicist' profiles as first used on our Limitless range. Ready to fly past the competition, whether road races, time trials or triathlons. We've been able to take the principles found during the Limitless research project (widening profiles below the edge of the rim to improve performance and stability across multiple yaw angles), and apply these to rims that make the absolute most of the space offered inside a conventional caliper brake.

The profiles have been developed in-house by Luisa Grappone (Product Engineering Manager), with industry-leading experience in wind tunnel testing and developing wheels for 10 years (with World Tour pros from BMC Racing, Team Movistar and Cervelo Test Team).

We have designed 3 rim profiles that offer exceptional aerodynamic performance, with the 82 coming in as the very fastest against tested competitors. The 52 and 62 are both incredibly competitive, in an area of bicycle aerodynamics that has been hotly contested and innovated within for over 15 years.

Riders can now enjoy wheels that perform aerodynamically amongst the very best in the world, with CeramicSpeed bearings, for as little as £1189.

Tech Specs
Rims | Aerodynamicist rim-profiles, developed from the ground up. Toray T700/T800 carbon-fibre with a stronger ratio of T800 (T40) fibres to achieve greater strength-to-weight ratio. Unidirectional sidewalls with 3K weave bed and spoke areas, Griptec basalt ceramic fibre brake-track for excellent braking and durability. Tubeless-ready for lower weight, rolling resistance and better puncture protection.

Tyres | 19mm rim bed optimised for superior aerodynamic performance with a 25-28c tubeless tyre, but also very capable with a 23c. Tubeless-Ready.

Hubs | Race Season Sprint straight-pull super-light, 15mm diameter 7075-T6 axle. Circular dropout interface steps for added stiffness. 3x treble tooth pawls resulting in just 7.5˚ of engagement for instant acceleration. Steel spline insert to protect the cassette body.

QR | Hunt Race Season super-light with heat-treated alloy/brass cam plate actuation and stainless steel springs.

Included | QRs, Pads, Tubeless tape & valves, spokes w/key & aero spoke holder
Weights | 1518g (52) | 1575g (62) | 1738g (82)

Single Wheel Availability | We know that many of you like to mix depths, or even just have a bit of versatility in your setup, so we will offer individual wheel sales for the first time in the Aerodynamicist range

Pricing for pairs from £1189 | $1549 USD | $2239 AUD (Single wheels also available)


Visions of Rainbows Board Game to Launch Funding Campaign in January 2020
Bike racing-themed board game hopes to find 300 supporters for its initial run.

“Visions of Rainbows: The Race for the Champion’s Stripes” is a bike-racing themed board game by designer Jason McDowell, who hopes to Kickstart the first edition in early 2020. In the game, players must manoeuvre their team of racers around a fully customisable course, pushing and pulling opponents along the way.

McDowell hopes to fund the initial production of the game ( through the fundraising platform, Kickstarter, and is looking to attract at least 300 pledges to see success. The kickoff begins January 11, 2020 and will conclude a month later on February 11.

To win, a player must balance the multiple challenges: choosing an Action card to move the maximum amount of racers, navigating different types of terrain (flats, mountains, descents and sprints), deciding whether to go hard and take damage early or save your legs for later, and catching the draft of other riders while choosing the right moment to break away. A game board setup with 3 players.

The game is not won by the first rider to cross the finish line (though it helps); time is aggregate and whichever player’s team finishes in the shortest amount of time wins.

The game received positive reviews from Everything Board Games’ Dane Trimble, saying, “After several plays I still feel like I have a lot to learn about the strategy of this game, and I have a feeling that won’t change any time soon. It reminds me a lot of Chess in that way.” (

Visions of Rainbows has a minimalist design, with cards that are uncluttered, understated, and easy to understand. The “game board” is less a singular board and more of a series of tiles that allow you to customise the race course for different lengths and terrain challenges. Each player’s team has specialist riders that benefit (or suffer) depending on the types of terrain. Hand of action cards.

Strategy and chaos interplay well throughout the game; getting your riders into the correct position may sometimes feel like a Sisyphean task, because your opponents will be pushing and pulling them down the road. But there are plenty of ways to work together for mutual benefit. Riders will also have to navigate through random events, such as flat tires, crashes or bad weather. Some of this can be mitigated through special tactics cards.

The game accommodates between 3 and 7 players and plays in about 2 hours.

Visions of Rainbows is a racing simulation that was designed by a fan of the sport and a fan of board gaming in equal measure. The theme is comprehensive and colourful enough to please enthusiasts of the sport, but game-play is still deep enough and fun enough for all types of people.

See more at:

SPECIAL OFFER - Campagnolo Metal and Blue Leather Cover for iPhones
The elegant Campagnolo cover in blue leather and metal not only offers high-level protection, but also lends your iPhone a distinctive personality.

The most important features include the Campagnolo shield in metal set against the blue leather base. The silicone frame ensures exceptional grip and the openings were carefully studied to offer easy access to the buttons. The blue leather and metal cover recalls the signature elements present in the noble materials used for Campagnolo products.


● Back cover customised in real leather
● Rigid protective structure in polycarbonate
● Laser engraved Campagnolo logo
“Soft Touch” treatment for exceptional touch-sensitivity and improved grip
● Assembled by hand
● Available for iPhone 6 and iPhone 6S, also X
● Available immediately. Free delivery for orders over € 100,00: Usually delivered within 5 working days

€34.90, €27.90 You save 7€ (-20%)

Campagnolo iPhone cover here:

LOOK Launches the T20: The Tokyo 2020 Olympic Track Bike
Designed with the French Olympic track team, T20 is the newest state of the art for track racing bikes.

LOOK is proud to announce the launch of the 2020 Olympic gold medal contender on the track, the T20. Designed with and for the French Olympic track team, T20 sets a new standard of modern track bike design.

Made by LOOK and Made in France
Imagined, designed, prototyped and manufactured in LOOK’s French headquarters, T20 is the result of years of state-of-the-art carbon manufacturing and bicycle racing engineering. With sights set on Tokyo 2020 and the home Olympic Games in Paris in 2024, LOOK and CORIMA offer athletes the most advanced equipment possible in the quest for Olympic medals.

Since Atlanta 1996, LOOK has collected 14 Olympic titles, and 43 medals in total. CORIMA has 4 gold medals - 6 in total - the first coming in Barcelona 1992.

Aerodynamic superiority - new standards set for aerodynamics, stiffness and weight
Building upon 30 years experience of elite racing bike design and manufacturing for Grand Tour riders and Olympic athletes alike, the T20 is the synthesis of years of computational fluid dynamic modelling, wind tunnel testing, carbon fiber research and carbon manufacturing expertise, all completed in the R&D laboratories of the iconic French brand.

Working closely with the French National Federation, LOOK sets new standards for racing performance, all made in France. 10% lighter than its predecessor, with an 11% reduction in drag, T20 also brings a 27% increase in power transfer thanks to the improved stiffness to weight ratio. At full speed on the track, athletes gain 30 Watts, equating to a full bike length over a 200m sprint!

With many track races won from a standing start, T20’s stiffness-to-weight ratio is a top priority: the finest carbon grades have been applied using innovative carbon lay-up procedures, enabling the achievement of the lighter and stiffer frame.

800g lighter than its predecessor, the T20 frame is also 25% stiffer at the bottom bracket, 12.5% stiffer in the rear triangle and 12% stiffer through the head tube, helping to bring more responsive acceleration and handling in crucial split-second moments on the track.

Mathilde Gros, Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games hopeful and French Cycling Federation athlete: “I am incredibly excited to race the T20 for the first time as I build towards the 2020 Olympic Games. LOOK has been a long-time partner of the French Cycling Federation, and that partnership has brought with it so many medals and victories over the years. I am looking forward to trying to write my own piece of history in Tokyo!”

LOOK and CORIMA design integration - wheelsets, axles and componentry
Leaving no stone unturned, LOOK worked closely with the high-end carbon wheel experts at CORIMA to ensure that the brand’s 4-spoke and 5-spoke wheels, as well as the Paracular and Lenticular monobloc wheels, optimise the T20’s aerodynamic profile.

Additionally LOOK and CORIMA partnered to design front and rear thru-axle dropouts that ensure maximum rigidity and aerodynamic performance, further improving torsional rigidity while shaving weight and improving airflow. The dropout’s integrated design enables a stiffer overall construction, leading to the 12.5% increase in lateral stiffness, as well as optimised aerodynamic efficiency and installation across all available CORIMA wheelsets.

Originally developed for the London 2012 Olympic Games, the improved ZED track monobloc crankset remains unrivalled as the lightest and stiffest track crankset on the market. The only crankset that features extensive crank arm length adjustability thanks to the patented Trilobe concept, its one-piece construction enables maximum power transfer and efficiency.

The cockpit has been designed to work perfectly with LOOK’s super-rigid track handlebar for sprinters, Madison and scratch race riders, while pursuit riders will benefit from the seamless integration with LOOK’s Aeroflat bars and Aergo extensions.

The complete bike, fitted with French-made CORIMA rear disc wheel and a 5-spoke front wheel meets the UCI minimum weight of 6.8kg, an unmatched achievement on the track.

Geometry, fit and adjustability:
T20 also features a newly designed geometry, with the aim of perfecting rider fit for optimal power transfer and aerodynamic position, with linear progressions between the stack and reach for each frame size.

Customisation is paramount to providing an optimum fit for all riders. With four frame sizes, two ZED crankset models resulting in six crank length variations, 18 stem lengths ranging from 55-140mm in 5mm increments, and a new aero seatpost providing four mounting angles, T20 is now the most adjustable track bike on the market that enables truly extensive fit adjustability.

Federico Musi, CEO of LOOK and CORIMA: “The T20 is the ultimate expression of a pure, modern track racer; the result of industry-leading craftsmanship in race bike development and manufacturing. LOOK and CORIMA have brought to bear 30 years of carbon know-how and manufacturing expertise, aerodynamics research and rigorous testing of frames and wheelsets to create the lightest, stiffest, most aerodynamically efficient and fastest bike LOOK and CORIMA have ever built. As French artisans of many Olympic medals, LOOK and CORIMA are proud to present the T20 to the French track team as we aim for gold together at the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games.”

Two builds:
T20 is available in Speed and TT kit versions. T20 Speed is offered with a LOOK track handlebar, while the T20 TT is built with the Aeroflat time trial handlebar equipped with Aergo extensions, retaining the T20’s inherent flexibility.

T20 Speed kit: €6,999, $8,500, £6,999
T20 TT kit: €7,499, $9,000, £7,499

T20 is available now for pre-registration here.
Discover the rest of the track range here.
For more information about LOOK’s products, click here.

Coaching Video on Kinomap: Global Cycling Network In On!
Adding interactivity to the existing content, for an indoor cycling experience.

Play Sports Group is a digital sports media company behind market-leading cycling brands Global Cycling Network, Global Mountain Bike Network and Global Triathlon Network. Founded in 2012, Play Sports Group owns and operates eight cycling video channels generating over 45 million video views every month, with 5.7 million social followers and 3.1 million subscribers. During 2018, Play Sports Group launched five new international channels, a consumer retail division and fan club, and broadcasts live racing on its YouTube channels and via Facebook Watch.

As Stephen Nuttall, Head of EMEA, YouTube said earlier this year, “The Play Sports Network is a shining example of how to grow a passionate audience of fans using YouTube’s platform”. A few videos are now available on Kinomap, making that content fully interactive for users training on Kinomap as the app takes control of your home trainer or cardio training machine to adjust the resistance or incline according to the coach instruction.

Here are the first videos recently published on Kinomap:
• Quick Progressive Effort 20 Minute Workout | Climb The Passo Gardena With GCN
• HIIT Indoor Cycling Workout | 45 Minute VO2 Max Intervals

Philippe Moity, Kinomap President, says: “Adding coaching content, Kinomap is on the way to becoming the reference application for anyone looking to play a sport indoors. The popular app is taking the next step to provide sport participants with a platform that will combine: kilometres of real-life footage to train indoors as if they were outside, coaching content, multi-player sessions, official indoor races and more”.

More info at:

The Ritte Satyr Steel Gravel Bike - Half Man, Half Goat, All Party
The road hasn’t always been paved. In fact, there haven’t always been roads. Or paths. Or trails. Or tracks. Somewhere along the way, we became less rugged, more fearful of the woods and deserts. We became serious and conservative, riding for structured training rather than fun. It’s time to balance it all out - the racing, the training, the woodland adventures.

The Satyr is a mythical forest creature known to the Romans as a woodland god (and a bit of a party animal), and it’s also the newest Ritte. The embodiment of fun and rowdiness, the Satyr was a man built atop the legs of a goat… and climb like a goat the new Satyr does.

The Satyr owes much of its sylvan sprightliness to the guiding hand of the legendary Tom Kellogg, tapped by Ritte to design the frame. From custom tubing spec to geometry influenced by Kellogg’s years of designing balanced frames for championship-winning racers, the Satyr climbs easy and goes down smooth.

Taking cues from Ritte's All-Road Phantom, the Satyr dials the dirt party up to 11. But you’d expect nothing less, this thing has horns! The Satyr clears a 700x43c tire to tackle tough terrain, but it turns in with an eagerness many road bikes can’t match. It’s equipped with a T47 bottom bracket and internal cable routing to keep your cables protected through the harshest conditions. Flat mount disc brakes with thru-axles front and rear keep you in control. The Enve gravel fork provides direct, confident steering input and comes in differing rakes to perfectly suit each frame size. The Satyr’s custom Reynolds tube set is stiff where you need it, but tames the trail chatter in a manner that only steel can accomplish.

From the dirt roads of the Berkshires to the backcountry trails of the Sierra Nevadas, the Satyr has been in testing all year proving its capabilities. It’s the bike that truly can ride right out the front door - road to trail it gallops along happily, easily earning its name.

The Satyr is the wild side of your drop bar stable, just begging you to turn every ride into a party. Egging you on – “slide into that corner,” “jump those roots,” “send it down that chute.” Is it a gravel bike? You could call it that. We just call it a bike for fun (and glory).

Specs in brief:
● Tom Kellogg design
● Reynolds 725 tubing – varying tube specs for each size across 6 stock sizes
● Enve forks – varying fork rakes with size
● T47 bottom bracket
● Full internal cable routing
● Flat mount disc brakes
● 43 mm tire clearance
● 3 cage mounts (2 water bottle, one tool/keg type)
● Fender mounts
● MSRP $2250, complete builds from $3800
● Custom Paint Option

Read More about the Ritte / Kellogg Partnership Here:

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