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Friday August 2, 2019
Whether your wanting to ride in the beautiful Blue Ridge Mountains during peak foliage season or wanting to learn more about power and planning 2020, this camp is for you!
Tuesday June 18, 2019
For those entering the TdF FTP 4-week Challenge, you'll receive your own personal TdF Challenge guide created by us here at PCG. The guide will have tons of educational articles on FTP, the actual TdF routes--as well as the training plans created by Peaks Coach Chris Myers that mimic the TdF.
Thursday June 6, 2019
Personally guided by Peaks Coaching Group Master Coach Dr. Chris Myers, this 4-week plan is designed to supercharge your training and raise your FTP by 5%–and the workouts are based on the actual stages of the TdF.
Wednesday May 15, 2019
Peaks Coaching Group (PCG)--industry leaders in data-driven coaching--announced today that they will be leading the world’s first motion analysis cycling camp using the award winning LEOMO TYPE-R in Boulder, CO July 14-19, 2019.
Thursday May 2, 2019
"Want to up your cycling skills??? WE have a half day of descending repeats scheduled on a three-mile, curvy, 8% grade descent! Yes, we are going to teach you to corner--then shuttle you up to the iconic Peaks of Otter where you get to descend learning more each time. How many times do you want to go down!? It's like a ski-lift for cycling! Yippee!!!"
Tuesday March 19, 2019
8 Kettlebell Moves That Will Crush Your Core Without a Single Crunch.
Thursday March 14, 2019
Too often cyclists just focus on fitness, but never practice their handling, cornering and pack-riding skills. -- Hunter Allen.
Monday February 4, 2019
The groundhog says pound on this spring! Whether you are looking to increase fitness, slam a gravel grinder, race a crit, or hit a PR in the local Gran Fondo, we have you covered! Save $40 per month on Silver or above coaching for six months!
Wednesday December 19, 2018
Gravel Series Intro: I’ve ridden and raced on the road for more than 30 years now, but over the past decade, cyclocross has served as my gateway drug into the emerging world of gravel. It’s about time that I start spreading the gospel, so we will start a regular series in 2019 about all things gravel.
Monday December 17, 2018
Not long now until the holiday gift season and what better than the gift of a training aid for the cyclist in your life, or yourself. Hunter Allan and the Peaks Coaching Group have twelve days of Christmas SUPER sale. All the details here.
Monday October 22, 2018
Hunter is in such a great mood now that the next edition of Training and Racing with a Power Meter is being released in January 2019 that he has authorized: A SPOOKTACULAR COACHING SPECIAL.
Tuesday August 14, 2018
Renowned cycling coach Hunter Allen of Peaks Coaching, recently launched their new "Race Video Analysis" program, where riders can submit on-board race videos and power data files for break down and advice from a Peaks Coaching certified cycling coach. We connected on Skype for the low-down on this cool new way to improve your cycling performance.
Thursday December 21, 2017
Cycligent Physical Esports, in conjunction with Hunter Allen, and Peaks Coaching Group, have just launched CVR World Cup Training, to help any cyclist, get in better physical shape, or even race-ready, in only 8 weeks.
Friday July 3, 2015
Get your coaching off to a fast start! Take a step TODAY on your journey to the top of your podium. Tour de France PEAKS PROLOGUE SPECIAL July 4-26, 2015
Wednesday April 2, 2014
Free Power Training Webinars Hosted by Hunter Allen - Peaks Coaching Group