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Sunday January 5, 2020
Bookshelf: On January 2 every year there is a big event in Castellania, a tiny village in Italy's Piedmont region. This year the morning began with a mass in the little church, there was a special opening of Casa Coppi, and in the afternoon a visit to nearby Novi Ligure and the Museo dei Campionissimi. Because on January 2, 1960, sixty years ago, Fausto Coppi died and a cycling legend began.
Sunday November 10, 2019
Tomorrow, November 11th, marks the end of World War I, the “War To End All Wars,” as it turned out to be inaccurately described. Throughout the world ceremonies will take place to note the end of that conflict 100 years ago, but also to remember those who died in other wars, both those serving their countries and civilians who lost their lives or suffered through the trauma.
Sunday August 11, 2019
For many of us, a bike ride is the opportunity to escape from everyday life. We can think about things undisturbed or just concentrate on the ride itself. For Paul Maunder, the author of “The Wind at My Back,” cycling is a chord that is strummed through the passages of his life, blending exertion, landscape and philosophy.
Sunday February 24, 2019
MAMIL—here we are all familiar with the acronym that means “Middle Aged Men in Lycra.” Some of us cringe when we hear it but others are proud to wear the shoes (or shorts) it they fit. Two British riders—one a writer, the other a photographer—revel in their MAMILishness in “Twelve Months in the Saddle,” an account of their bicycling adventures in one calendar year.
Sunday January 6, 2019
2017 marked the 200th anniversary of Baron Drais's ride around Mannheim on his Laufmaschine, generally held to be the predecessor of our carbon-framed, electronically-shifted disc-braked wonder bicycles. From then to now, with its detours, fashion victims, and astringent personalities, is the subject of well-known British author Michael Hutchinson's latest book.
Sunday December 30, 2018
Peter Sagan is, without doubt, one of the most interesting riders in the pro peloton, combining elements of the Class Clown with exceptional athleticism, tactical nous, and a relentless will to win. His new memoir, as written by cycling author John Deering, provides an interesting insight into the sport's preeminent colourful personality.
Sunday December 16, 2018
In spite of what we think here, professional road cycling (well, all pro cycling, actually) is a pretty marginal niche sport. Hence the perceived need for books to explain, in the most basic terms, all the elements that make up road racing. But even the cognoscenti can benefit from some of these and the latest iteration, “Racing Bicycles-The Illustrated Story of Road Cycling”, is a worthy addition.
Sunday July 1, 2018
We have shelves full of books about the great climbs of the world, and about effective training but, oddly, one cannot recall a book specifically devoted to the art and practice of going uphill. Now Selene Yeager, has nicely filled that gap with her new book, “Climb!", which indeed deserves the exclamation mark.
Friday November 6, 2015
Everybody’s Friend – The life and career of Dave Rayner 1967 – 1994 and his legacy to cycling.
Sunday June 8, 2014
The author of such famous cycling books as 'Slaying the Badger' and 'Tour de France 100', journalist Richard Moore has been busy on something new. We caught up with the UK-based author to talk about book projects old and new, and much more from this wealth of cycling knowledge.
Wednesday June 19, 2013
Book Review: The cobbled climbs of Belgium are a mythical place and a mecca for any cycling nut to visit. “Hellingen: A Road Cyclist's Guide to Belgium's Greatest Climbs” is a book that explores these very climbs so famous, so beautiful and yet so very, very difficult. PEZ simply had to check this book out.
Sunday April 28, 2013
PEZ's Literary Editor Leslie Reissner checks out a book on the legendary Italian rider Gino Bartali that investigates his amazing life story that goes far beyond just the cycling champion that he was.