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Sunday October 20, 2019
Vienna conjures up images of schnitzel, strudel and Johann Strauss waltzes but a book from a tradition-rich publishing house in the Austrian capital reveals another aspect of the city now nearly forgotten: the construction of bicycles, often in tiny workshops and to a surprisingly high technical and aesthetic standard.
Sunday February 25, 2018
Never before has there been such a big cheerful book as “Paul Smith's Cycling Scrapbook” to celebrate being a mere fan. With the accumulated cast-off detritus to prove it!
Sunday June 8, 2014
The author of such famous cycling books as 'Slaying the Badger' and 'Tour de France 100', journalist Richard Moore has been busy on something new. We caught up with the UK-based author to talk about book projects old and new, and much more from this wealth of cycling knowledge.
Sunday December 15, 2013
William Fotheringham has been at the forefront of British cycling journalism since the late 80's and in his latest book, 'Racing Hard' he reflects on the events of the last twenty-three years - the triumphs, the tragedies and the scandals that have engulfed the world's most demanding sport. PEZ's Literary editor Leslie Reissner had a read and gives us his thoughts on Fotheringham's collection.
Tuesday December 10, 2013
The latest book from Velopress, 'The Elite Bicycle' brings together intimate portraits of the world’s greatest bicycle artisans, examining the philosophies, the meticulous workmanship, and the eccentric personalities behind cycling’s most prestigious brands.
Friday August 2, 2013
Don’t you just love the smell of Fridays? So does Tom Weaver of Mashpee MA – (look it up!) – who goes into the record books as the first ever winner of PEZ’s Small Prize Fridays – taking home the awesome Tour de France 100 book from VeloPress!
Tuesday March 13, 2012
Pez hit cyberspace ten years ago, and one of the first regular features was Toolbox, the weekly series offering objective, scientifically driven training and fitness advice. At the helm of Toolbox since its inception has been Dr. Stephen Cheung, who is just about to publish Cutting-Edge Cycling, his book on the science of cycling. We talk with Stephen and co-author Hunter Allen for a preview of what to expect.
Friday April 17, 2009
In the Northern Hemisphere, Spring is about to break out, and a young cyclist’s fancy naturally turns to shapely, uh, lugs. We’ve seen the Daily Distractions, and now we have a book chock-a-block with fine forms of a different kind... the glossy centrefolds of Custom Bicycles.
Thursday April 9, 2009
The 'Queen of the Classics,' the 'Hell of the North' - Paris - Roubaix; 270 kilometres, of which 53 are on cobbles or farm tracks in 27 sectors which count down to the last stretch of 300 metres, laid outside the Roubaix velodrome in this particular Queen's honour.
Monday July 21, 2008
Leafing through the entertaining pages of “Blazing Saddles: The Cruel and Unusual History of the Tour de France” one is struck by the tone of the book, released just in time for this year’s Tour. Instead of the usual praise to the great athletes of cycling history, the author defines it as “[a] fine spectacle of life-threatening exertion, bare-faced cheating, roadside sabotage, ludicrous clothing, extreme intimate discomfort and grown men at the absolute end of their tethers...”
Tuesday October 30, 2007
Greg Lemond famously said about cycling: ”It doesn’t get any easier. You just get faster.” And for a sport that values the ability to suffer, the least easy of all races is Paris-Roubaix, variously feted as “the Queen of the Classics” and cursed as “the Hell of the North.” L’Equipe’s 2006 book has now been published in English by VeloPress, and makes a handsome addition to any true cyclists’ coffee table…