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Tour of America’s Dairyland 2017 St.2 Report!
Women Pro 1/2
Stage 2 - East Troy

Two Papa John’s riders set the pace riding off the front from the gun. They tucked back in to the field where riders sat until Skylar Schneider made her move and attacked with 17 laps to go. Two riders soon joined her to form a three-woman breakaway, Scotti Lechuga (Hagen Berman-Supermint) and Rebecca Wiasak (Fearless Femmes). Coming down to just 7 laps to go, sprint champ Coryn Rivera revved up the field to pursue the leaders. She took a $100 prime with Skylar Schneider just missing out; ultimately the field catching the breakaway.

After snagging a $200 cash prime, Lizzie Williams (Hagen Berman-Supermint) continued on and rode right off the front. Williams continued to blow the race apart and won by a formidable gap. Skylar Schneider threw down in the field sprint for second with Peta Mullens taking third. ISCorp p/b Progress Software leads the SmartChoiceMRI Team Omnium competition.

Men Pro 1/2
Stage 2 - East Troy

Fast out of the gates was yesterday’s third place finisher Colin Strickland setting the pace at the front. The pack settled in until two riders hit it off the front, Thomas Revard (Bissell-ABG-Giant) and Matt Green (First Internet bank) with 50 laps to go. The two were soon caught by six others to form a solid 8-man break. The break split in two when 4 riders, including Brandon Feehery (Crit Life), Daniel Holloway (Texas Rooadhouse), Wolfgang Brandi (Moviestart Ecuador) and Grant Erhardt (Bissell-ABG-Giant) went off the front to establish a steady break. With 11 laps to go a crash sent nearly a dozen riders to the pit; the final rider were reinserted into the race just before free laps ended.

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With teammate Eamon Lucas in the 6-man break, Crit Life showed us all what textbook blocking looks like, slowing the field to a painful crawl. At 5 laps to go, the break came around and joined the field. Crit Life then dropped back to pick up Lucas and sent him flying through to win tonight’s race, followed closely by Ole Quast (Stradalli Cycle/Safetti) in 2nd and Colin Strickland ()Intelligensia-Allied) in 3rd. Flaurenz Knauer (Stradalli Cycle/Safetti), winner of stage 1’s race, missed the break and finished 9th. Stradalli Cycle/Safetti held onto the SmartChoiceMRI Team Omnium lead.
• See Full stage 2 results here.


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