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Team KGF Documentary Teaser
James Poole has been following Team KGF on their journey from shock national champions through to World Cup and World Championship success. They are a group of 4 amateur riders that have self funded and out thought their way to the top. Off the back of this James has created an hour long documentary following the story, highlighting the characters, the methodology and just how they achieved what they did. The production alone was entirely created and funded by James who has been involved in sport for most of his life and felt that the story was such a powerful one in the climate of todays sporting attitudes and assumptions. All too often we accept the status quo and it is fascinating when people come along and challenge the normal.

Here is the teaser with the documentary set to be released in the next two weeks:

Team KGF - Documentary teaser from James Poole on Vimeo.

Here is the team’s website and social media: