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New ZIPP Speed For New Roads
Zipp is all about making cyclist faster, and that takes many forms. We’re proud to introduce new NSW and Firecrest tubular wheelsets, rim and disc-brake, each demanded by our sponsored pros, as well as new Service Course handlebars with new fit features, and updated Tangente 25mm tires.

ZIPP 454 NSW Tubular Rim-Brake and Disc-Brake

Our top road pros demanded we offer the revolutionary Zipp 454 NSW as a Tubular, so we make it just for them... and for you! The 454 NSW Tubular Rim and Disc-brake wheelsets bring together the advanced aerodynamics and stability of its biomimicry-derived Sawtooth™ rim profile with the performance of tubular tires. This wheelset was developed to meet the needs of our sponsored professional racers as well as any cyclist looking to combine the time proven ride qualities of tubulars with cutting-edge aero technology.

ZIPP 303 Firecrest Tubular Rim-Brake and Disc-Brake

Zipp’s new 303 Firecrest Tubular Rim and Disc-brake wheelsets offer fresh innovations for performance-minded cyclists. The updated wheelsets utilize a new manufacturing process and borrow key technologies from our halo-level NSW lineup while retaining their versatile 45mm rim depth.

ZIPP Service Course SL-80 Ergo and Service Course 80 Ergo Handlebar

A comfortable rider is a faster rider. That’s why we’ve evolved our pro-proven lineup of alloy bars based on a steady stream of feedback from fitters, customers, and top UCI World Tour riders. To ensure that all riders have great fit choices, Zipp’s stalwart Service Course SL-80 and Service Course 80 handlebars now have an option for those who prefer an ergonomic bar top. The new Service Course SL-80 Ergo and Service Course 80 Ergo retain the same 80mm reach and 125mm drop of the existing Service Course 80 bars, perfect for a rider looking for a medium reach and shallow drop who likes reaching down to, rather than into, the drops.

ZIPP Tangente Speed R25 and Tangente Course R25 Tires

You’re after tires that allow you to lean in and push harder on the bike. Tires that give you the ability to forget them so you’re fully concentrated on you and what you need to do. Zipp’s Tangente R25 Speed and Course tires provide the crucial tools riders demand from high performance 700x25 width tires – superior durability, rolling resistance, and cornering grip.

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