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How I Started PezCyclingNews: The Video Interview
Interview: Scott Mares of the excellent graciously asked the age old question - how'd you get PEZ started?  It's a story I never get tired of telling - and am thankful someone (anyone) still wants to know.  So if you've got nothing better to do -  here's a few minutes of PEZ history* - as told by the PEZ myself.

* Note to reader: Neither nor makes any warrants or claims that you may find this material "entertaining".

On the Tues evening before the official start of Interbike 2017, many of the world's cycling press gathered in a non-descript ballroom at Mandalay Bay for a sort of mini-me version of the big show. The room was filled with 30-40 small displays from various cycling brands - many of whom had opted out of a full blown booth of the main floor in favor of lower costs.  They also hoped for a little more time with the press,  since this was the front end of what is a long haul of talking bike stuff (even for the most geeked out techno-nerds among us) and we'd still be relatively attentive.

The number of road brands here was sadly ...small, replaced in large part by the oncoming tsunami that is electric bikes. After making my way through the opening gauntlet of e-bike displays and learning that in fact you can build an e-bike that costs over $10,000, I spotted a few of my media cronies hanging around the beer and food section of the room (some things never change).  It's always good to renew the old friendships - and even if we only see each other for a few minutes once a year, after enough years you start to feel like friends (and in fact many of us have become friends) - even if its the kind who only see each other for a few minutes once a year.

While hoisting a sudsy pint of fully hopped up micro-brew with Scott Mares - the main man behind - I noted he also had a fully pro-looking videographer in tow. Half sarcastically I asked what was up with that (well maybe slightly more than half...) and Scott mentioned he was doing interviews. Naturally I suggested he interview me, and without missing a beat he called my bluff.

So here it is - a few minutes with a camera and mic turned in my direction (notable since it was someone else's camera and mic).

Many thanks to Scott of for indulging me with this piece of self-promoting whatever-you-wanna-call-it.


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