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Inside The Pirelli Calendar Gala: Power for Bikes
Pirelli celebrated the creation of “The Cal” in the heart of NYC with celebrity filled events covered by mobs of media from countries around the world.

This year’s all black cast featured A-list celebs like Sean Combs, Naomi Campbell, RuPaul, Djimon Hounsou, Lil Yachty and Whoopi Goldberg.

Pirelli also selected inspirational people like Lawyer and model Thando Hopa and the fantastic human rights activist Jaha Dukureh…

A bit more on Jaha here:

And with these celebrities and hero’s came a huge amount of main stream media coverage.

Sitting next to me in the press conference were editors and photographers from: Turkey, China, Austria, Chile, Denmark, Japan, Czech Republic, South Korea and of course an Italian or two… And I don’t mean that there was one person from each country… The stack from Austrian media alone was 15 deep.

Given the international interest, anyone lucky enough to get a chair (yeah, I was the first guy in the room) was also issued a headset with a dial that would allow you to scroll through channels as multiple interpreters were giving live translations in several langauges.

And with the world watching, Pirelli rolled out bikes

So with all of this media attention and despite the fact that Pirelli generate nearly all of their $6 billion in revenues footing Petrol powered vehicles, allowing for promotional vehicles like this…

…Pirelli chose to put bikes front and center.

During the day, Pirelli hosted a ride in Central Park along with a host of riders made up in the Calendars theme of Alice in Wonderland.

Later that evening, the Black tie Gala was setting off and with a Paparazzi packed Photo Row, Pirelli again had bikes in focus, rolling stars down the Red Carpet.

Back a couple of months ago, when Pirelli announced that they were returning to cycling (Pirelli were on 30 of 49 finishing riders bikes at the Giro in 1909), they mentioned that they envisioned cycling as a logical way forward for transportation.

They’ve been racing for 110 years in multiple disciplines but they recognize that transport is what keeps their 32,000 employees humming along in facilities in 160 countries…

And with that, they want the bicycle to have a greater place on the road.

While Joy Behar was busy introducing the cast of The Cal to a who’s who of industrial titans, Fashion and Automotive Influencers as well as the worlds Media, it struck me as awesome that Pirelli were putting the bicycle on these people’s minds.

In a world dominated by horsepower figures, Pirelli certainly understand speed and performance and they’re new Cycling product reflects that (Pirelli are on both of these Italians…)

Pirelli also understand that people-power should have a greater place on the road and in an environmentally sustainable world.

To that I say “cheers Pirelli”.

Welcome back to cycling and thank you.

You can see more about Pirelli’s new Cycling product at:
Special thanks to Vitamina C PR, Italy's best.

Have Fun,

Charles Manantan
[email protected]

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