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MailBag: More Than Smelly Compost
Aaaah, the MailBag - not to be mistaken for that compost heap in your backyard... Okay, they're both piles of decaying stinky stuff, but when you dig into the middle, you can often find something that's, well, reeeeeally stinky! Let's dig into this week's MailBag and see what smells!

Distraction Reactions

Do you have to show half-naked posters on your web site. I could not believe this poster of the half nude lady on a poster shot. Come on guys. Yes, I was curious to view this along with the other nice PICS of the podium lady's but I think you guys should use a little better judgment and not degrade your site like this. I love your site. It is one of the best info sites available. I could not believe you went to this extreme. Thanks.
- Todd A.

Todd: I actually went through the same thought process before I posted it - but decided to go ahead because it was something on display at Interbike, and we pride ourselves on showing readers parts of the sport that other media don't or won't. And it was distracting... - PEZ


Today is the 1st day I've ever seen a good looking Belgian girl!!! (In Daily Distractions). That is of course if she is Belgian!!!!!!!
- Regards Rob

Rob - your's is not the first letter we got regarding the lovely lass with the Belgian Worlds team. Another reader tipped us off that she is actually Roger de Vlaeminks daughter! - PEZ

Where's Freddy?
I have a suggestion, you guys should do an article on Fred Rodriguez's performance at Worlds and his 2003 season. Dispite some setbacks throughout the season he managed to do very well winning a couple of stages in the Tour de Georgia, 2x U.S. Pro Cycling Champion, 2nd Milan-San Remo (2002), and being the highest place American at Worlds this year. I've heard enough about George Hincapie and his possible breakthrough performances for next year and it's time Freddy gets his spotlight because he's the one who has a higher possibility of a breakthrough performance in 2004.
- SkiMtb9

Dear SkiMtb9: Here here! Good idea. Actually we've been trying to reach Fred for some time, as we'd love to talk to him too. Fred - if you read this please contact PEZ immediately!

Another Tip For Riding With Pros
Just a point on your riding with the pros. A few years ago we had a very handy rider who by this time was a veteran, but also a political activist. When ever the pace dropped in the local handicaps, some brave soul would drift up and say "Hey Phil, what about so and so at the town hall?", suddenly the speed increased by 5 m.p.h. and a tirade of unbelievable expletives would explode from his mouth as he screamed along at the front of the bunch. This had the added effect of burning out his half decent sprint. This trick also worked on chain gangs. A great man for your group, and it never failed.
- Malcolm Simpson Team Milton Keynes (UK)

Ed Note: See Bruce Hendler's ToolBox How to Train with a Pro and Live to Tell About it

A-Style For Everybody!
Guys, loved the article on Lombardy, (Inside Lombardia: A Day With Dunc) but need to know ..... does the clothing company A-Style that transported Pez around, have a web site? I thought the t-shirt with the A logo was an absolute classic and have a stack of mates who want to know where they can buy them from!! Great site, a real bike riders web site, with the kind of humour only us
long time cyclists would understand. Keep it up guys. Cheers
- Dean Griffin

We have no word yet on the availability of these fine garments, but you can check the website at - PEZ

Grand Tour Triple Heros
When I read Dr Cheung's article Grand Tour Triple Crown - Is It In You? I got the distinct impression our cyclists have gone soft. But alas, that fact is riding all three tours in 1 year, and finishing, is as rare as good lookin' girl that cooks and cleans (credit to Eminem). published the stats and to summarize, only 22 riders in the history of the three tours have ridden all three and FINISHED in one year. TWENTY TWO! Of those 22, nearly 50% of the riders rode during the 1990s. THE NINETIES! Oh, and over the last two decades, more riders have ridden all three tours in 1 year and FINISHED than ever. That's a trend that should have the old timers slurping their pasta extra loud in HONOR of today's riders. Come on...get the facts straight Dr. Cheung!
- Brian Fitzgerald

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