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Sunday September 15, 2019
Cyclists determined to improve their condition have a wide variety of choices, from training diaries to formal programs to online coaching. But recent developments have now opened up a multi-million dollar market for an aspect many of us don't pay much attention to: recovery. A new book, “Good to Go” is devoted entirely to this subject and the science-or lack of science-behind it all.
Sunday September 8, 2019
We've had the good fortune to review books about do-it-yourself tours, cycling history, great races and impressive mountains but it's seldom that all of this can be packaged into such an attractive offering. “Ultimate Étapes” is subtitled “Ride Europe's Greatest Cycling Stages” and it delivers much on this promise.
Wednesday September 4, 2019
Rider Feature: If you have ever pushed a pedal in anger you will have dreamed of riding as a professional in a top team in the big races. Jordan Cheyne is no different, except that he has realized his dream. Here is his story and his 'defining chapter' with the Elevate-KHS team.
Sunday August 25, 2019
Imagine then that you are one of the best riders in the world but are prevented from racing because of the colour of your skin. Before baseball player Jackie Robinson, before heavyweight boxer Jack Johnson, America's first black sports hero and an international star was cyclist Major Taylor, whose story is both inspirational and appalling.
Tuesday August 20, 2019
With gravel racing taking off around the world it’s no surprise to hear that New Zealand’s premier gravel race the UCI 1.2 Gravel and Tar Classic along with the women’s 1.2 La Femme plus their Gran Fondo challenge the Slicks and Stones 100 is back again for 2020 bigger and better than ever.
Sunday August 18, 2019
Ah, Bella Italia! For many of us it is the Promised Land of Cycling, with its professional cyclists whose names could be those of opera singers. A new book from Australia relates the story of cycling in Italy, interwoven with an historical narrative of the country. Leslie Reissner reviews “Great Rivalries - Cycling and the Story of Italy” by Kevin Andrews.
Saturday August 17, 2019
Obituary: The greatest ever Italian cyclist, Felice Gimondi, passed away on Friday after suffering a heart-attack while swimming in the sea off the Sicilian coast. Ed Hood remembers the always smooth and cool Italian character who was a champion amongst some of the best ever road men.
Wednesday August 14, 2019
Ed Roadside in Scotland: The different Tours of Scotland have played a part in the cycling life of PEZman Ed Hood, but there hasn't been a 'home' race since the 80s for Ed to stand 'roadside'. All change... Now the three stage 2019 Woman's Tour of Scotland has hit the road for his, and many others, enjoyment.
Sunday August 11, 2019
For many of us, a bike ride is the opportunity to escape from everyday life. We can think about things undisturbed or just concentrate on the ride itself. For Paul Maunder, the author of “The Wind at My Back,” cycling is a chord that is strummed through the passages of his life, blending exertion, landscape and philosophy.
Thursday August 8, 2019
Rider Feature: On Saturday, Remco Evenepoel put his name in the record books - The youngest winner of a WorldTour race and the third youngest winner of a Classic. The 'Next Big Thing' - a 'Phenomenon' - the next 'Merckx', all have been said about the young Belgian. We take a look at the man of the future... and now!
Sunday August 4, 2019
BOOK REVIEW: Paul Jesson was one of the best riders from New Zealand at a time when travel was not as easy as it is today. His amateur success got him a contract with a big Belgian team - Tour ride and a stage win in the Vuelta followed before a life changing crash put an end to his pro career. Ed Hood reviews his biography: 'Oh, THAT Tour' The Paul Jesson Story by Des Williams.
Sunday July 28, 2019
They’re part of the landscape now, those Colombian riders; Chaves, Gaviria, Quintana, Uran and now Egan Bernal, all rampaging across Grand Tours and Classics landscapes. Ed Hood was one of the first to 'big up' Egan Bernal, here is his article form a couple of years ago about the Colombians influence on modern cycling.
Sunday July 28, 2019
Greg LeMond: Yellow Jersey Racer by Guy Andrews
Book Review: Greg LeMond is America's most successful cyclist, ignoring the dubious results of Mr. Armstrong, and he is also held in high regard in the World of cycling. Leslie Reissner takes a look at a book by Guy Andrews on the career of the multi-champion, LeMond. From a young boy dreaming of his future, to a rider who revolutionized the sport. Greg LeMond - Yellow Jersey Racer.
Saturday July 20, 2019
Bookshelf: Bike racing — is it a sport? An addiction? Jogging gone wrong? Or, as some of us like to think, an art? We at PezCyclingNews have been big fans of Greig Leach, the Richmond, Virginia, artist who turns the striving of the athletes in Lycra into spontaneous celebrations in his artwork.
Wednesday July 17, 2019
Tour Rider Feature: Continuing with Ed Hood's series of 'English speaking' Tour de France pioneers, Ed moves onto Derek Harrison. Sadly Harrison died in May, 2018 in his adopted home of France, but his pro career spanned the 60s and 70s and include many top wins and two appearances in the French Grand Tour.
Sunday July 14, 2019
Author Peter Cossins describes in his history of that first 1903 Tour de France, the inelegantly titled “Butcher, Blacksmith, Acrobat, Sweep,” the original Tour de France, something totally new and untried and flawed in many ways, “should be considered as one of the greatest events in sporting history.”
Sunday July 7, 2019
PEZ Bookshelf: The highest drama in the Tour de France takes place in the mountains and the changing beauty of these alpine landscapes differentiates pro cycling from all other sports. “Tour de France Climbs from Above” is an excellent introduction to the legendary climbs, not only from the historical standpoint but for someone planning to experience the roads themselves.
Saturday July 6, 2019
As the 2019 Tour de France congregates in Brussels for the Grand Départ, there is one man missing from the biggest bike race in the World - Paul Sherwen. Paul, along with Phil Liggett made up the 'voice of cycling' and the Tour will not be the same without him. Most years we managed to have a chat with Paul during the build-up to the start of the Tour - Here is a selection of Paul's best memories.
Saturday July 6, 2019
Tour de France Memory: As the 2019 Tour de France is about to start in Brussels, we thought it would be a good time to look at one of the most controversial (probably the second most controversial) Tour characters - Floyd Landis. Ed Hood spoke one of his training buddies, Eric Hensel, to try to get into the Floydster's head.
Monday July 1, 2019
Tour Rider Feature: Ed Hood looks back at the career of Scotland's first Tour de France rider - Ian Steel. 1955 was the year, and Steel was part of the first Great Britain team in Tour history that lined up on July the 7th in Le Havre on the Normandy coast. That Tour wasn't his best race, but the 'Peace Race' of 1952 probably was. Ed has tells his story.