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Sunday December 3, 2017
Film Review: “Inspired to Ride” is a film about the inaugural TransAm Bicycle Race in 2014, an unsupported race across America for “the crazies,” as one contestant notes with approval. It is quite a story.
Monday November 27, 2017
VIDEO: Here's a closer look at the PEZ "Super 80's" Custom Thermal Vest by Castelli, featuring a high full zip collar, three deep pockets, made from wind and water resistant fabric, on sale now for $89 in the PEZShop as part of the PEZCycling Winter Sale where you can save 30% off all orders over US$98.
Monday November 27, 2017
PEZ Roadside: With a full weekend of track racing in Gent, Ed Hood needed an intermission on Saturday. So to get away from bikes and beer, he headed into the Belgian county-side for... some bikes and beer, but there was also mud involved.
Sunday November 26, 2017
“What is the well-dressed cyclist wearing these days?”, I hear you ask me. “Or back in those early days?” I am glad you asked because Rodale Press' excellent book, “The Art of the Cycling Jersey,” subtitled “Iconic Cycle Wear Past and Present,” shows us that looking good and going fast are not mutually exclusive.
Saturday November 25, 2017
The acronym MAMIL has, from its inception several years ago always had something of a derogatory air to it. MAMILs are Caucasian males of a certain age who shamelessly jam themselves into ill-fitting and disturbingly revealing clothing to slowly ride their incredibly expensive pro-wannabe carbon bikes while selfishly blocking traffic.
Thursday November 23, 2017
On all orders of $98 or more! Close the season looking your best with some awesome savings on PEZ Kit. The rest of the world is shopping - so why not you - and the PEZ Shop is open for biz right now.
Thursday November 23, 2017
Gent 6 Day Weekend: Ed Hood is normally working hard below the track in the Gent Velodrome, but this year he traded in his bucket & towels for a more relaxed seat in the grand stand as a spectator and a fan. For a full weekend of fun you have to take in the bars, the beers, the burgers as well as a cyclo-cross and the action on the boards.
Tuesday November 21, 2017
Pirelli are making some fantastic new rubber but beyond that is their GIGANTIC reach that transcends cycling as well as their desires to bring bicycles along with them to events like their 2018 Gala in New York for “The Cal”.
Sunday November 19, 2017
Film Review: Every cyclist's fantasy, perhaps, is to ride in the Tour de France but sometimes it might be better for that wish to be unfulfilled. The recent film, “Le Ride,” shows what happens when two enthusiasts honour the first English-speaking team in the Tour and duplicate that 1928 event today.
Saturday November 18, 2017
Christine Pardee is not one to back away from a challenge, as indicated by her year-long commitment to go 100% car-free and do all of her commuting by bike. But it wasn’t just the physical challenge that inspired her to go car-free—it was also a long-lost connection to her own happiness that compelled her to pick up her bike again.
Friday November 17, 2017
Not unexpectedly - I've received more than a few emails from readers since we pulled down our Daily Distractions gallery.  What was unexpected though is the gamut of responses from the YAY's to the NAY's and everything in between.  Here's a sampling from the mailbag...
Sunday November 12, 2017
The sport of professional women's cycling is meant to be on the up, but ASO's move to return 'La Course' to a one-day race is a step backwards in many peoples eyes. Joe Harris and Steve Maxwell of The Outer Line take an in-depth look at the female side of the sport and suggest it is maybe time to wipe the slate clean.
Saturday November 11, 2017
The roads, fields and forests of France that are today the perfect picnic spot to set up camp and awaiting passage of the world's greatest cycling race, were once fields of fire where killing the enemy was the only thing that mattered.
Wednesday November 8, 2017
The Top 16 Sprinters of '17: Ed Hood's November contemplative mood and has taken a look back over the 2017 season to see who has been the most 'winningest' sprinter in the pro peloton. Here's his Top 16 fastest finishers - a thorough list with a couple names you might not expect.
Sunday November 5, 2017
There are athlete celebrities who get ghost-written about them. Then there are people who never appear in the newspaper sports pages, people whose performances are never debated online. But sometimes those people have a direct and unforgettable effect on others.
Wednesday November 1, 2017
Colombia has sent the cream of their cycling crop to Europe and in most cases they have made a big impact in the peloton. One of the best was Luis ‘Lucho’ Herrera, he put the pressure on Bernard Hinault on many occasions.
Wednesday November 1, 2017
They’re part of the landscape now, those Colombians cyclists; Chaves, Gaviria, Quintana, Uran all rampaging across Grand Tours and Classics landscapes. It got me to thinking about Colombians I have known and loved (most of them, that is) since I started following cycling way back in 1970.
Monday October 30, 2017
Rider Blog: Chris Butler has had an up-and-down 2017 year with an arm injury ruining his early season, but the that all changed with a busy time in Italy, Spain and... Turkey. A trip to Istanbul to close off his year in fine fashion - Chris's tells us all about his last race of the year in his Xpedo Pedals Rider Diary.
Sunday October 29, 2017
Roadside Reload 2015 Tour de France Stage: The Pyrenean stages of the 2018 Tour de France (16 to 20) could be the decisive days of next years French Grand Tour. We look back at stage 10 of the 2015 Tour where Chris Froome put in the killer blow to take the stage and put more time into his adversaries.  
Thursday October 26, 2017
Tom Boonen may have retired but he's not gone. The Belgian multi-champion was on TV last week presenting a new book by Merijn Casteleyn 'Jaren van Bewondering' - 'Years of Admiration'. Here Boonen is with author Casteleyn and Johan Meseeuw.