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Sunday September 23, 2018
The PEZ Crew Vuelta: The PEZ Crew all agree that the Vuelta a España was again the best Grand Tour of the season, those (mostly) short fast stages with a tough finalé brought out the best of the peloton. History in the making with Simon Yates taking his first GT win to top of a first one nation/three rider clean sweep. Here are the best of the PEZ Crew thoughts on this years Spanish tour.
Saturday September 22, 2018
World Road Championships Retro: It's hard to keep track of the events that Ed Hood has attended - easier to count those he has missed. His first Worlds for PEZ was in Salzburg back in 2006, no team time trial in those days, the event didn't return until 2012, but Ed was there for all the other road action, here is his stroll down memory lane.
Friday August 31, 2018
Winner's Announcement: Congratulations to Rob Green of Seattle WA, the winner of a brand new set of XPEDO Thrust pedals and NALINI Snake road shoes.
Friday August 31, 2018
Roadside PEZ: Eighteen years of history couldn't go to waste and so our man in Spain, Alastair Hamilton, had to make his yearly pilgrimage to La Vuelta a España. Just a sprint stage finish, but it's a Grand Tour, top riders, good weather and all the raz-a-mataz of a pro bike race. A day never to be missed.
Tuesday August 21, 2018
Being strong is one thing, but knowing how to ride is quite another. Knowing how to ride in a group will increase your own riding enjoyment as well as that of the people you ride with. Above all it is a matter of safety. There are a series of basic rules to follow in order to ride properly in a group, and yet it is often surprising how few people know these rules.
Monday August 20, 2018
Vuelta a España Retro: With this year's Vuelta a España making a return to the Asturian region of Spain in September, Ed Hood got his diary and photo album out for one of his favourite days on a Grand Tour. The mythical climb of the Alto de l'Angliru sticks in the memory for many different reasons - Ed's day on the Angliru.
Saturday August 4, 2018
It hasn’t been a good week for the sport of cycling’s past champions; but not just men who won races, colourful men with personality. First we lost six day star Andreas Kappes to a bee sting, of all things. And we heard on Friday that Armand de las Cuevas had taken his own life on the Island of Réunion in the Indian Ocean.
Friday August 3, 2018
The PEZ Crew Tour Top Picks: The 2018 Tour de France has been finished for nearly a week and the guys in PEZ Towers have had a chance for the French Grand Tour to percolate in the mind and put virtual pen to virtual paper with their thoughts. Good Tour/bad Tour? Deserving winner? It's all here in the PEZ Crew Tour'18 résumé.
Wednesday August 1, 2018
The PEZ TOUR Awards: Every big event has an award ceremony and so we can't let the 2018 Tour de France pass by without 'The PEZ Tour'18 Alternative Awards' by Sam Larner. Sam assures us he didn't miss one pedal stroke of the Grand Boucle this year and so is in the perfect position to be the Grand Master of Ceremonies.
Sunday July 29, 2018
Roadside Reload: As the 2018 Tour de France gets ready to hammer round Paris for the final stage 21 we look back at Ed Hood's 2015 trip to the French capital city. The rain fell heavily on the Champs Élesées on that Sunday in 2015, but that didn't dampen Ed and Callum's enthusiasm. The big Paris finalé.
Wednesday July 25, 2018
Sam Larner has been following Mark Cavendish for many a year and takes a look at the Manx-man's career as 'Cav' rode his way out of the 2018 Tour de France. Another rider who also left the French Grand Tour, but by the back-door, was Gianni Moscon. Is there any similarity between the two? No, none whatsoever.
Sunday July 22, 2018
A mountain stage in the Tour de France can be a work of art illustrated by those anti-gravity lightweight climbers. Watercolor artist, Greig Leach is again capturing the Tour action 'as it happens' on the roads of France and you can see Greig in action on his YouTube channel.
Wednesday July 18, 2018
Roadside Tour'15 Reload: The 2018 Tour de France makes its return to l'Alpe d'Huez on Thursday's stage 12. So, we revisit the mythical climb and its twisting ascent with Ed Hood and his side-kick Callum MacGregor - and the craziness of the Alpe's Dutch Corner back in 2015.
Sunday July 15, 2018
Author Peter Cossins describes in his history of that first 1903 Tour de France, the inelegantly titled “Butcher, Blacksmith, Acrobat, Sweep,” the original Tour de France, something totally new and untried and flawed in many ways, “should be considered as one of the greatest events in sporting history.”
Friday July 13, 2018
Roadside PEZ: On Sunday, the 2018 Tour de France hits the famous cobbles of Paris-Roubaix for stage 9 and as PEZ-man Daniel Thevenon will be writing the race report we look back at 'Dan's Day in Hell'. Keep it PEZ for all the Tour action.
Sunday July 8, 2018
Book Review: As the 2018 Tour kicks off on the French coast, Leslie Reissner takes a trip down Memory Lane and journeys the Tour de France routes of the past. Mapping le Tour by Ellis Bacon maps the journey taken from the first Tour to 2014 when the French race hit the roads of Yorkshire.
Friday July 6, 2018
Four of the brightest stars of American men’s cycling in the last decade, Lance Armstrong, Floyd Landis, Levi Leipheimer and Tyler Hamilton, all eventually admitted to doping, wreaking irreparable harm on their sport and tarnishing the credibility of its signature event. But they also raised the visibility of modern cycling in America to a level it had not known before.
Sunday July 1, 2018
We have shelves full of books about the great climbs of the world, and about effective training but, oddly, one cannot recall a book specifically devoted to the art and practice of going uphill. Now Selene Yeager, has nicely filled that gap with her new book, “Climb!", which indeed deserves the exclamation mark.
Sunday June 24, 2018
TOUR'16 Roadside: For every Batman there is a Robin and Callum MacGregor is the Robin to Ed Hood's Batman. Callum is the PEZ Tour de France chauffeur; yes, he sees the French Grand Tour close up, rub shoulders with the stars, photograph the distractions and drive on those closed roads, but he does have a lot to put up with. Driving Miss Eddy.
Friday June 22, 2018
Tour Retro: As the 2018 Tour de France is about to kick off, our Grand Tour maestro, Ed Hood, is trying to rekindle his love for the big three week tours after the 'farce' that was the Giro d'Italia. In this attempt Ed has taken a look back on the past Tours that have personal meaning - good or bad. The Tour highs and lows for Ed Hood.