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Sunday November 18, 2018
Film Review: The Pursuit. If it was the title of heist movie, it would be about cops in pursuit of robbers. If it was a crime thriller movie, it would be about the pursuit of unraveling the mystery of whodunit. But in this case, The Pursuit is actually a double entendre: it’s a documentary about four British riders’ pursuit of glory on the boards in the team pursuit.
Sunday November 11, 2018
November 11 marks the end of World War I, the “War To End All Wars,” as it turned out to be inaccurately described. Throughout the world ceremonies will take place to note the end of that conflict 100 years ago, but also to remember those who died in other wars, both those serving their countries and civilians who lost their lives or suffered through the trauma.
Saturday November 10, 2018
The roads, fields and forests of France that are today the perfect picnic spot to set up camp and awaiting passage of the world's greatest cycling race, were once fields of fire where killing the enemy was the only thing that mattered. As time claims the last survivors of the Wars and rob us of their living memories, remembrance of the sacrifices of those thousands is even more important.
Thursday November 8, 2018
Book Review: Ed Hood's recent autumn break reading list has reawakened some of the best moments from his cycling youth. Like every true British fan, Ed loves time trialing and one of the most famous riders was Alf Engers. Ed offers his review of Paul Jones' book 'I LIKE ALF: 14 Lessons from the Life of Alf Engers' and the legend behind the fast-man.
Sunday November 4, 2018
For those of you whom riding around the velodrome or meandering on an unpaved road on your new gravel bike for the day is not enough—well, there is the open road to Tajikistan. That's crazy talk, man—but how do I do it? A recently published and beautifully illustrated book will both whet your appetite and give practical advice on that truly epic ride for which you hunger.
Wednesday October 31, 2018
Last week we lost six day Great, Germany’s Dieter Kemper. It was Brit now resident in Canada, Norman Hill who passed the sad news to us. Norman was himself a professional track and road contemporary of Kemper in the 60’s and 70’s; but rather than surfing the nostalgia wave that many of us ‘old guys’ do, he’s a pragmatist and his views make interesting reading.
Sunday October 28, 2018
Obituary: Just days after we penned our tribute to departed six day Great, Germany’s Dieter Kemper, we find ourselves having to write another tribute to a track star. This time, one of Britain’s own, twice World Amateur Pursuit and twice British & Commonwealth Games Pursuit Champion, Norman Sheil.
Sunday October 28, 2018
The most widely-recognized bike race production company in the U.S. today is Medalist Sports – and over the past twenty-plus years this company has been a key player in shaping the current landscape of pro racing in the United States.
Saturday October 27, 2018
Obituary: It was British former motor pace rider, six day and road man, Norman Hill who informed us of the passing of one of the six day Greats, at the age of 81 years, Dieter Kemper has left us.
Thursday October 25, 2018
Reading the news today of Johan Bruyneel's lifetime ban from cycling reminded me of a funny story about riding with him, Lance, and George Hincapie, at the 2005 Tour de Courage fundraiser for cancer research, a luxuriously exclusive weekend in Lake Louise, Alberta.
Sunday October 21, 2018
Cycling offers a grand buffet of disciplines, from the narrow specialities of track racing to the diversity needed for the open road, mountains or the looney antics of cyclocross. The origins, history and present state of road racing are nicely summarized in author Chris Sidwells' latest book, “The Call of the Road: The History of Cycle Road Racing.”
Saturday October 20, 2018
I talked with Nic Sims at the Lizard Skins booth at Interbike 2018 about why Interbike is still a vital part of the cycling industry. Trying to address all the negative talk about the vitality of the annual Interbike trade show, I asked a number of attendees to share their views and opinions.
Sunday October 14, 2018
In the movie “Breaking Away,” there is a scene in which the hero competes in a bike race where we realize that nobody in the race has a clue about tactics. Peter Cossins' excellent new book, “How the Race Was Won: Cycling's Top Minds Reveal the Road to Victory,” presents the story of tactics from a historical standpoint and also through interviews with those involved in the sport.
Saturday October 13, 2018
The Giro di Lombardia was born in 1905, and Giovanni Gerbi – called the red devil – was the first winner. The story of his break – planned in a devilish way, and realized with so much strength – has become a well known legend, which has the taste of a fable both ingenious and malicious.
Thursday October 11, 2018
Lombardia Retro: Utter confusion was the look on my face when Alessandro handed me the old newspaper and said it was a gift. Upon closer inspection, I realized I was holding the official program of the 1952 Giro di Lombardia – in mint condition! Once I got over the shock that such a treasure still existed – I couldn’t wait to share it with PEZ-Fans…
Sunday October 7, 2018
It is an apparent given that cycling requires not so much talent as an ability to suffer. Greg Lemond said that: “It never gets easier. You just get faster.” Now expat Brit Jon Malnick has written a droll and novel book about the relationship between pain and suffering, and riding your bicycle called Into the Suffersphere - Cycling and the art of Pain is a peculiar and engaging read.
Friday October 5, 2018
COMMENT: 2018 World Elite road champion Alejandro Valverde has had a long and very successful career, but there has been controversy - Operación Puerto. Valverde took his punishment and carried on winning, but is there still a dark cloud over the Murcian's head? Ed hood looks at the history behind the man. Love or hate Valverde, he is the World champion.
Sunday September 30, 2018
The off-road/path style of event has been growing over recent years, so to give us background info, Bruce Carnevale entered 'The Dirty Boar'. For the second year; 'The Boar' started in the Haute Fagnes in Belgium, goes to the foothills of the German Eifel forest, before looping past Eupen and returning to the Haute Fagnes. 164km with 2600mts of climbing and practically no asphalt.
Sunday September 30, 2018
Worlds Retro Roadside: The last World road championships that Ed Hood attended were in Ponferrada, Northern Spain where he filled his camera’s memory. On his journey home he picked out his favourite photos from behind the scenes and on the Spanish roadside for this unique selection of shots.
Saturday September 29, 2018
Photog's Veiw Reload: As the 2018 Elite Men's and Women's World championship road races are about to kick off this weekend, we look back at the 2015 Worlds with photographer Darrell Parks. Darrell captured the best and unique images from Richmond, climaxing with Peter Sagan's first of three-in-a-row rainbow wins.