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BY AUTHOR Corey Sar Fox

Saturday June 15, 2019
Corey Fox is famous for his penny-pinching 'CheapOh' articles, but dug deep in his pockets to beautifully finish this carbon frame from Sarto. Top end wheels, bars, stem and saddle are topped off with the lower-end group from SRAM.
Saturday June 8, 2019
What have we learned from this year's Giro? Well, Italy has it all and should be on everyones ride bucket list, but maybe riding with Italians has different rules than other cultures. Corey Sar Fox takes us on one of his old winter routes that becomes something memorable when a stranger comes along. Usually you go looking for Top Rides, but sometimes they can find you.
Saturday November 12, 2016
Corey Sar Fox is used to the finer things in life, and was reticent to try a 'mid-range' bike, but after a month of using the Vertigine by Dedacciai he has changed his mind. Cory summed up his experience in one sentence: "The Dedacciai Strada Vertigine impresses with top notch ride quality from a mid-range offering." Here is his more in-depth view on this Italian beauty.
Wednesday October 30, 2013
This year's ExpoBici in Padova, Italy featured a special creation: a collaboration between tubeset makers Dedacciai, framebuilder Darren Crisp and Pez. Building up a sweet, titanium Show Bike can be a lot of fun, even if it never gets ridden…
Friday October 18, 2013
The cycling around Lago di Como in northern Italy is among our favorites, and it’s even better when ex-pro Fabio Negri of leads the way, and our home base is the Albergo il Perlo Panorama.
Tuesday April 30, 2013
Buying any bike is a statement, but paying $1,300 for a custom made, aluminum Rock Lobster is a Statement. Whether you like it or not, it says that you value performance and value over aesthetics and the current group-think. It's a pretty bold territory to stake – there are good reasons why there are such few inhabitants. PEZ rides one for a month to see how well it lives there.
Wednesday April 3, 2013
The Trentino region of Northern Italy is home to the brutally rugged Dolomiti climbs and one of our favorite places to ride. PEZ's Corey Sar Fox is lucky enough to live in the South Tirolean city of Bolzano and took some time out back in 2008 to show us the beautiful Passo Mendola.
Sunday January 13, 2013
After restoring a classic Colnago Mexico, several readers asked us for help in starting their own old bike projects. Due to the popularity of vintage racing events like the Eroica and other new ones popping up, prices for old bikes are on the rise. Fear not. PEZ's Mr. CheapOh comes to the rescue with lots-o-tips for finding a reasonable ride.
Wednesday December 12, 2012
A favorite gift in the CheapOh household is the homemade coupon. It usually ends up being a more cherished gift than the store bought variety. This year for Christmas, give your cycling buddies a free Wrapped Handlebar Coupon. The trick is to make it the best wrapped handlebar they've ever had. Here's how you’ll do it.
Sunday November 25, 2012
Historic racing bikes, their skinny tires crashing over the hills of Tuscany, guided by wool clad romantics is dangerous entertainment. Naturally, PEZ was there – at this year’s Eroica, getting dusty, then muddy and a bit thoughtful.
Wednesday November 21, 2012
If you don’t know Dedacciai, then you probably should. Their story, their fast rise to glory and their future represent an Italian Bike Saga that merits an investigation. PEZ spent a day visiting the factory near Milan, getting to know the people behind the brand.
Sunday November 18, 2012
How can a 28 kilometer ride from Bolzano to Settequerce last two hours, include no historic climbs or other noteworthy attractions and still be considered a Pez Top Ride? Answer: when your 13 year old daughter rides a “real bike” for the first time.
Thursday November 15, 2012
PEZ-Man Corey Fox's recent Lombardia weekend took some unexpected turns, but the expected good times came through with great weather, a top ride with an ex-pro, and a memorable weekend of '7s' at the Hotel Il Perlo on Lake Como.
Thursday October 11, 2012
All trade show’d out? Wait, there’s another, a special one in Padova, Italy called Bici Expo. Pez spent a day there uncovering the true meaning of Made in Italy… getting ever so closer, here in Part 2.
Wednesday October 3, 2012
All trade show’d out? Wait, there’s another, a special one in Padova, Italy called Bici Expo. Pez spent a day there uncovering the real, true meaning of Made in Italy… or thereabouts.
Thursday September 27, 2012
Do something stupid once and they’ll call you an idiot (or worse). Do it often enough, and they’ll call you a genius. Thus inspired, Mr. CheapOh continues his quest to rise above folly, offering frugal cycling advice in his latest edition.
Thursday September 13, 2012
Silvio Martinello, a legend on the track and a pretty fine cyclist on the road, has been working as a TV journalist with the Italian broadcaster RAI since retiring 10 years ago. He sits down for an interesting chat with Pez.
Sunday August 5, 2012
Best Of PEZ: Every year someone gets to wear that special Tricolore jersey in the peloton, indicating that they are the National Champion of Italy. Even though it seems that it belongs to Giovanni Visconti – he’s been wearing it for a couple years and won in 2007 – many expect this one to be too hard for the Sicilian to repeat. This year, PEZ is roadside in Valsugana in the Trentino region.
Friday August 3, 2012
If you’re using Mavic, Bontrager, Campagnolo, Fulcrum or newer Zipp wheels, there’s a good chance that they’ve got Alpina spokes and/or nipples in them. If you’ve got a BMW, Husqvarna or KTM motorcycle with spoked wheels or maybe a set of Borranis, they’re also Alpina’s. How is it that such a prominent Italian company remains virtually unknown? PEZ visits the factory near Milan to find out.
Thursday August 2, 2012
If you’ve ever been Italy, you can’t help but notice all of these old guys on racing bikes, usually vintage steel ones. These men have great style, seamlessly fitting into our preconceived notions of Italianess. How is this? PEZ investigates this phenomenon on the daily Resia Group Ride that’s been taking place since 1955.