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Winter Warm-Up: ELITE Ozone Body Care
Elite is better known for having just short of a Microsoft-like monopoly on bottle cages and some great trainers. They also have a strangle-hold on body and massage products with the pros through their Ozone line. Here’s a few extremely addicting products from Italy’s body bosses that prove that the world is better when covered with two Ozone layers…

This story first ran in late 2006, but looking after yourself never gets old.

Elite rolled us a bit of body love from their Ozone product line to help get ready, get through and get over slogging out a few of the colder miles from this time of year.

You might wonder where you’ve seen the logos or what teams might use the products (just because we all wanna be like the pro’s…). The list of pro teams is what one might consider long: Liquigas, Quick Step, Selle Italia Serra, CSC, AG2R, Cofidis, Francaise De Jeux, Agritubel, Gerolsteiner, T-Mobile, Ceramica Paneria, The Russian Federation, Saunier Duval, Euskaltel-Euskadi, Comunidad Valencia, Orbea, L.P.R, The US National Team…

And Me…

Product number one in my hands and heart is probably the Energel Shower product (shown here with the energizing Oil)

Energel (US$17.99) is a great name for the shower gel product as it has a very pleasant scent (not that everyone will like the same smells mind you), but it’s how this will leave you feeling after lathering up and rinsing off that will impress most… For starters, the stuff is pretty concentrated and makes loads of suds with a small amount. But after use, it does an amazing job of opening your pores and leaving you feeling tingly all over. I HATE that my wife found it, as she loves it too as we’ll run out quicker…

The Energy Oil ($42.99) shown is a pre activity product that uses Ozonized sunflower oil to aid in a quick massage before exercise / competition. It helps slick things up and leaves very little residue (it’s a pump sprayer for direct application) and does not leave a warming sensation, for those who prefer that…

For the folks wanting some warmth before hand, the Warming Oil ($26.99) shown with the depilmousse) is a better way to go. It uses “balsamic substances” and kicks in quickly but mildly, with a warming effect for a pre-sport massage that also heats you up a bit. It’s also in a spray bottle and can be applied directly to the legs (but after a bit of the overspray settling in on the twins (Harry and hairy) I would suggest spraying it in your hands and rubbing it on the “correct body parts that you would like to have warmed and massaged…

The Depil Mousse ($19.99) is a spray on hair removal product. And as I have had a bad reaction to another product like this (rash and burning) I was keen on trying it only on a “small” area. Spray the foam on and let it set for a few minutes then wipe off… It worked and no soreness to the 3” circle on my calf so I gave it a go on the whole leg. I did have to leave it sit for the full suggested time. Basically I stood there for longer than it takes to shave, but I was not irritated by the product, and the hair did not seem to grow back as quick… I also noted that I didn’t have razor bumps or cuts, which is a plus.

During the ride, two products made for motion are Protect Cream ($32.99), and the Lip balm ($9.50)…

These translate into a chamois cream that does a nice job of keeping things from chaffing other things without any petroleum leftovers… The lip balm goes on your lips and strongly resembles other products that act as a sunscreen / moisture barrier, just as this one does. It comes in a bit different container that closes like a roll top desk, and if this gets too hot, it will not be good in your pocket, as it’s not a tight sealed container.

Also for the ride are warming inserts for both hands and Feet…

Pretty simple and VERY effective, you open the pack at wiggle em in the air for a second then fit in your shoes or gloves to give off a nice warm, eh… warmth. They lasted longer than the ride I used em on, so at least 3.5 hours, though they are rated for 6 hrs or the feet and 8 for the hands. A better product tester would have gone back and checked, but this one fell asleep…

The last picture features three really good potions…

Tone Cream, Thermogel and Refreshing oil

The Refreshing oil is pretty neat as it’s actually a cooler… It’s to your outside what eating a wintergreen mint is to your mouth. Used as an after exercise rub as a cool down after shower or tub, I can see myself really wanting more of this when the summer comes round again in Phoenix…

The Tone Cream is interesting as it absorbs really quickly but still makes for slicking up a rubdown and actually has caffeine as an ingredient… Used as a stand alone after a few longer rides, it seems to eliminate that dead leg feeling that I can get at times. Part of that is probably just that, it’s only been since a couple of companies sent some products to use that I have started doing light after workout self massage, but it would stand to reason that part of this is from the caffeine being a good vasodilator…

What’s sweet is using the Tone cream and the ThermoGel together! Fast absorbing, the Tone cream seems to act as a bit of an accelerator for the Thermogel. The thermogel as a stand alone is a mild warmer that is an after work out rub, but just gets more of a kick with the Tone cream as a combo rub in equal amounts. And I like it as a nice way to start a cold ride, as it cuts the shivers quite a bit used on my legs, lower back and neck and shoulders…

As I said, I haven’t been big on pre or post ride rubs in the past. I’ve had a good rubdown while getting treated well as the odd team camp guest (not that I rode well enough to deserve it…) and I know I like having my legs in the hands of someone that really knows their stuff. But I also felt like I’d been beaten by a pack of midgets after those rides, simply because guys that make a paycheck at this grind me into pulp, meaning the extra miles and pain never let me feel how much good a massage can do…

In the last few weeks of using these products and using Elite’s pretty handy self massage guide, I can say that the benefits of starting a ride more warmed up, and rubbing out the dead leg afterward is a genuine treat.

Simply put, I am hooked. In fact I am a little pissed off that both Elite and the folks from Qoleum were “nice” enough to send some of their products, as I have already paid for more from both companies. The sons a bastiges did me like drug dealers and gave me a little of the good stuff for free to string me out… But hey, according to Dick Pound, we’re all dopers anyway, so it’s about time I decided to fit in!

One note though, that with anything topical (rubbed on your body) you should take the time to look at the ingredients and make sure you have no allergies to this. Test it on a small area first after reviewing what’s in the bottle to make certain before you go Hog Wild… I have very sensitive skin, and had no reactions to anything, but we’re all different.

In North America, your source for import is PRONET. (Pronet, 910 NORTH CAMBRIAN AVE. – 98312 BREMERTON (WA), TEL +1 800 279 3793) They get it to leading distributors like QBP, Sinclair, BTI and others, meaning your local bike shop has several ways to get you hooked up…

Have Fun!
– Charles Manantan

Note: if you have other experiences with gear, or something to add, drop us a line. We don’t claim to know everything (we just imply it at times). Give us a pat on the back if you like the reviews, or a slap in the head if you feel the need!

PezCycling News and the author ask that you contact the manufacturers before using any products we test here. Only the manufacturer can provide accurate and complete information on proper use and or installation of products as well as any conditional information or product limits that may limit their use.

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