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NAHBS’17 Part 8: ENIGMA Perfection!
NAHBS 2017, Salt Lake City: Nic Sims admits he has a bias towards the offering of ENIGMA bikes, but he does have a valid point, they are special. Three models from the British artisan: Exemplar, Ecroix and Elite… all worth a long look.

- By Nic Sims -

What can I say about ENIGMA apart from WOW! I might be a little bias because I’m British just like them but... Their bikes looked amazing not only the craftsmanship and the untold hours spent building them but also the finish. Take the Exemplar, a special limited edition bike built to celebrate ENIGMA’s 10 year anniversary. The cool blue paint scheme carries through to the wheels, Campy crank and rear derailleur, what you didn’t see is the time it took to dismantle that rear derailleur paint it and then but it all back together, they don’t come from Campy in those colors. Another couple of NAHBS show stoppers where the Ecroix and the Elite both with some Anglo/US paint schemes. Check out their website to find out how to get your hands on one.

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