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NAHBS’17 Part 9: Co-Motion
NAHBS 2017, Salt Lake City: In his final look at the North American Handmade Bike Show, Nic Sims peruses two offerings from Co-Motion bikes. The Divide and the Klatch are two very different steeds - Read on:

- By Nic Sims -

There have been some pretty cool brands to come out Oregon - some are pretty big and well known like NIKE, and others who've just been working feverishly at what they love. One of those is Co-Motion, based in Eugene. I admit that their name doesn't have quite the draw of a Merckx or Colnago but their passion to succeed and get you on a bike is a strong if not stronger than anyone's. To quote from their website “Like proud parents, we feel like a part of us joins you on every journey your Co-Motion takes.” It is that feeling of being connected to each and every customer that helps them continue to push their designs and ideas forward.

Take the Klatch bike they had at the show, a quick look and you obviously notice the fork, but more than that there are no derailleurs. I loved that they had thought about where someone might take this bike and obviously they live in an area not known for the driest weather. Why not build a bike with a Pinion internal gear and belt drive that's pretty much maintenance free, and dirt and water resistant. It may not be for everyone but you have agree it is super clean and a break from the traditional looking road bike, they do offer it on other builds too.

Please check out their website to learn more about this small but super focused group of bike fanatics

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