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Lizard Skins Aramus Classic Gloves: Good Sheep
Lizard Skins started out in the frame and fork protection business with neoprene chain stay protectors and shock piston covers in 1993. That business led to producing grips and bar tape and Lizard Skins are now industry leaders in Major League Baseball, Hockey and Lacrosse, in addition to cycling products like their new Aramus Classic Gloves.

Gloves make sense for Lizard Skins as they have developed a wealth of information over the years in the field of hand/equipment contact in high stress sports environments.

There are not many companies that understand better than Lizard Skins how things work between sweaty, dirty, cold / hot hands and gear that’s being pulled, pushed, squeezed, swung and vibrated/ impacted.

With that, sheep skin was the material of choice for a glove that Lizard Skins wanted to have a classic look and feel, but still perform well.

Lizard Skins went with sheep skin rather than cow leather for the Aramus Classic as sheep skin not only has substantially more stretch, but is also less stiff and lighter at the same typical thickness as cycling gloves. Sheep skin is less durable but the tradeoff for the Aramus Classic is that this glove is extremely comfortable, moves very well with your hand (without being overly soft or sloppy feeling) and gives you very good feel and sensitivity to the bars/hoods you’re gripping.

The durability trade off was also allowable as the Aramus get an additional material layer that sandwiches a custom 3M Gel.

The 3M Gel layer is thin, but substantial enough that you have some pressure relief at the critical joint between the Metacarpals and Proximal phalanges (hand and fingers).

Note the perforations in the palm and fingers.

There’s also a bit of protection at a common crash impact point at the Pisiform/Lunate…

Adding to the function is a huge terry cloth material area that is suitably thick enough that a single swipe grabs a lot of whatever you're wiping. The material also dries out reasonably quickly.

Any glove made from animal hide will be a bit prone to holding heat and moisture and for that reason, effective perforation is important.

The Aramus have perforation covered (or, er, not covered) very well…

And lastly, pretty much any skin-material glove will tend to grip your hands a bit and be a pain in the ass to take off…

So Lizard Skins put a couple of large finger pulls on each glove to make removal very easy…

The key to finger pulls is to make them functional, but place them such that they don’t flop around or annoy you the entire time you’re using the glove. The placement is good on the Aramus Classic AND the material has just the right flexibility : stiffness ratio that I don’t notice it on the ride at all.

Well done Lizard Skins…
This is a pair of gloves with a host of the right features that does that magic dance between giving you a padded / feature rich piece of kit and then making all those features disappear so that you have the feel and grip of a minimalist classic leather glove…

The Aramus Classics are available now with an SRP of $39.99

You’ll find more about Lizard skins at:
• Check prices at here

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