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Interbike06 Preview2: Want Another Quickie?
Another in front of the show / behind the scene look at what Interbike 06 will be showing your favorite retailers. This time Feet First…

Damn near no matter what you choose to put on your feet, eSoles will make it a better product. The great thing about these guys is that no matter what arena you play in (F-1, MotoGP, WBC, UCI, USMC or CEO) their custom foot beds can help your comfort and performance… Booth 451 if you’re not too hung over.

Next stop could well be one of the busiest booths in bikes. Seven Cycles launch custom carbon fiber like the new V.II shown. They also produced a more affordable Carbon Ti combination… Knock Outs!

New to the US market are the new bits on offer through distributors Bike Mine. Their new BBB line up features lots of sweet eye candy to wrap on body (glasses etc.) and bike. BikeMine also have about 900 other great products to check out…

My vote for the biggest thing in a little package will go to the guys at KNOG… They created the “Frog” lights and although it looks pretty tame, it’s more like one of those bright little killers from South America. They attach almost any place on your bike (attaching them to your helmet makes you a jerk to other riders…FYI) and the things can practically be seen from outer space, and or in booth number 412.

The speed freaks at ZIPP are putting more dimples on faces as they’ve gone one past dimples on wheels and now roll out the insanely tough to manufacture, but perfectly sensible Dimpled Hubs. First seen here at Pez (the day before they arrived at the Tour), folks in the USA can get an up close peek at Interbike of the latest speed weaponry, along with loads of Bars, Stems, Bags, Shirts and a really tired guy named Nate…

Another must see booth (or booths, as they cover a HUGE range of brands) will be those of Gita Sporting Goods. Pez have always loved Pinarello, and have been intrigued by the ERGOMO power training system. What a nice treat to get a peak at both (as shown…). You can also drool on Merckx Frames (or Eddy himself for that matter), Pegoretti and Opal, as well as slick skins from Giordana (or Giordana herself for the bravest of brave). Go see it all…

With all the bikes on offer, someone has to have a few seats laying around. Fizik surely have some of the slickest in carbon and leather or carbon or leather… Booth 2133 will show you not only Fizik, but also those masters of retro-booty Brooks Saddles.

Last in this episode of sneak peak, Trialtir International offer up Ernesto’s latest application of the Tricolore in a fashion that will simply not allow any road enthusiast to pass by without shedding a tear… They’ve been pumping out “must have” carbon since before most lines were born. This new baby is bella…

Reportedly appearing on at least one bike in Thursday’s Men’s TT Worlds are the all new multi adjustable TULA Aero Bar by UK speed merchants U.S.E. These bad boys feature brake levers placed for better drag reduction in front of and inline with the carbon wings, plus independently, and universally adjustable wings (backwards, forwards, tilt) for better forearm-hand combos. Their wind tunnel tests showed 15 watt improvements over other bars at 30mph (50kph). Weighing 520grams, they’ll run you $700-900 msrp.
See ‘em at Ibex Sports’ Interbike booth 4601.

8 Days and counting till Interbike 06…

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