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Interbike06.3: Bike & Bits Are Almost Covered
After a week of travel, and two weeks before and after the show showing you the previews and view-views… We’re getting to the meat and potatoes time of the gear actually showing up for test. Here’s a few more of the specials from the cycling world’s biggest week.

As I was lucky enough to see a few of the pre-prototype prototypes, I was pretty excited to have a peak at an in the flesh production unit of Kuota Bicycles and Euro-Spek’s featured KOM.

This is the first crack for Kuota in the 850 gram arena and with their newly announced alliance with a US Pro squad (last years Sierra Nevada squad, with full announcement pending) it will be a great time for them to put to use their best effort at light and stiff…

Taking a look at a fully purpose built frame shape makes me think that the bike might just succeed in their goal to make something very light be rigid enough, and especially so in the well developed bottom end / chain stay area.

And as Kuota actually started life in the Fork world, I would imagine their newest front end, with a larger more box section design will also stand up well to resisting twist…

The bike came in, bottle cages, pedals and all, below the UCI limit as shown, so we’ll see about personally designing a little color that might bring the test KOM up closer to legal… Maybe another MotoGP roller, as their still in development (this is a plastic proto) new uber-Aero Time trial bike made us think of Kenny Roberts Jr. for some reason…

My traditional first conversation at Interbike is always at the American Classic booth. Not just because they were one of the first folks to work with us at PEZ (and, in fact, the very first folks I ever spoke to for the site…) but because I have always liked the very simple, very serviceable, light and effective designs. This year there was a new twist (er… bend).

Just another plain and simple take on something that has been designed and redesigned for a loooong time. American Classic takes tilt, and clamp to the same cleaners…

Another traditional multi-stop is to the GREAT folks at Clif Bar that literally prevent half the show from becoming walking dead as they kick out a ton of energy.

There are swarms of folks at their place (which makes sense, as Clif do such a GREAT job of supporting cycling in general…) and the reason we all stay fed are a couple of folks that make Benihana Teppan-yaki Chefs look like slow pokes…

I was also incredibly fortunate to be provided access to the Italian Section’s exceptionally good (and well hidden) lunch section by famed (and quite dead) Jazz Musician “Muddy Waters”… Never mind the hot dogs and dried pretzels that were on offer from the show floor, these stealth Chefs were better than some restaurants…

Once well fed, a casual stroll over to the folks at Seven Cycles put the energy right back up as they not only displayed the new Daimas…

With great details like a very nicely done answer to the extended seat tube and clamping adjustment…

…And slobber worthy hand-shaped Ti dropouts that looked as if the man hours in hand shaping were anything but “few”

Seven has also introduced two other custom Carbon options that have a bit more conservative tube sets (The Triad and V.II). Of the two, I liked the V.II the best…

There is still plenty of funk in the new shapes Seven bring to the table with the V.II, both in curve and in cross section.

The fact that Seven can vary geometry and also use advanced shapes and thickness to further tune this, makes for the possibility of ride quality being taken to a level that nobody else has reached… That’s no small deal.

Pinarello distributed through Gita Sporting Goods LTD. have taken to the track with what is certainly one of the meanest little bugs at the show…

Using a variation on their road theme they’ve manipulated the shapes of both fork and seat stay, but in a fashion (more a bubble than a twist) that is more about stiff and stable than their road machines.

Scott Bicycles did the unthinkable and took a step past the CR1 in the weight and stiffness game with their new ADDICT.

Shown in the standard seat mast version, Scott use their tried and well tested tube set and bonding processes and subtract a bit of metal at the bottom bracket…

And simplify the drops a bit too…

But there’s more to the design than what seems to be missing from the pictures, and at 13 lbs. built as a stock ordered “Addict limited”, the Addict will find more than a few homes…

LITTLE GUYS that will get bigger are always the favorite at Interbike:

BC2A Design brought the latest version of their dual pivot design in a format that should be a bit more readily buyable.

Numero Uno in the picture, is a machined Titanium affair that worked extremely well, but, its intricate, multi part design was simply too expensive to produce in a fashion many would be able to afford. Version Number 2 features the same bearing and bushing type movements (making for a very durable and great feeling brake) but the unit has far fewer parts and is machined from Aluminum (as well as some shape changes)…

No word on a final weight (they are very light) or price, but this is the stuff I love about Interbike, as a small guy gets one step closer to showing the big guys a better way…

Never a company to disappoint when it comes to timely product – DeFeet once again captured the essence of Las Vegas in their annual Interbike special edition Air-E-Ator.

PEZ-Fans will know we’re big fans of DeFeet, and recognize the top sock moniker on our own custom Pez Socks – which by the way – make great treats for Halloween, or stocking stuffers for that special someone – and all sizes are in stock now at

Note: if you have other experiences with gear, or something to add, drop us a line. We don’t claim to know everything (we just imply it at times). Give us a pat on the back if you like the reviews, or a slap in the head if you feel the need!

PezCycling News and the author ask that you contact the manufacturers before using any products we test here. Only the manufacturer can provide accurate and complete information on proper use and or installation of products as well as any conditional information or product limits that may limit their use.

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