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Interbike 2009: Hidden Treasure, Good Deal, New Stuff
From the show that just keeps on giving - another round of bit's... C-4 explodes, AX swings, EE in your BB, San Marco and Topolino...

We'll start at your bottom...

San Marco have been a staple for years and they've decided to support what any good shop already knows...


Dealers can order a set of saddles including the Regal, Mantra and Zoncolan to see what pleasures their customer's behinds.

Once done, there are several new covers designed and the Mantra (which should have been named after what-ever is the largest Canyon in Italy) now has a black, white and Carbon model that will go good on one of the next PEZ projects...

San Marco also teach and old dog a new slick, going carb and Tri-co on the Regal...

The re-skin doesn't stop there as the Vintage line up recovers the Rolls and Regal and gives the Concor Supercorsa a limited edition run in World Champions colors.

Get all of em through Vittoria Industries / Bikemine.

Fairwheel Bikes are a bit of a standard for PEZ, constantly stocking things others call "strictly" special order. They also tend to have things that are not even "things" yet, like the newest cranks from EE Cycle Works.

You know the EE Guys (er, guy) as the makers of some of the best stoppers available. The cranks are what's next and they are just finishing proto testing and should be available shortly at an expected cost point (with or without EE rings) near high 3 figures instead of the 4 figure cost associated with parts in the super high performance / super low weight range...

Like say... These cranks from AX-Lightness .

These were also in the prototype stage (and also sitting in the Fairwheel booth) and go all carbon rather than all metal...

The entire structure will weigh in at an expected 360 - 380 grams with the Bottom Bracket but without rings. And despite their look, you can expect a company like AX to produce a part that has you wondering how it could possibly wok as well as it does. They'll also not come cheap at what should be some place near the middle of 1 and 2 thousand dollars.

Also from AX Lightness are new wheel sets.

The first (above) is a shallow set at 24MM. These will weigh in at what might be considered a low weight (200 grams).

And for the more stout needs they'll also run a deeper 42MM rim

These will run a horribly porkish 265 grams (or about 30% less than other rims in its depth class). The rims should be ready in a month and will cost about a thousand dollars each.

You may also have spotted a few other wheels in the back ground of that last shot with an unfamiliar (to most) C-4 label.

They're new sets from, you guessed it... C-4 Bicycle Components

You can see a couple of rim colors and C-4 offer a few options for hubs as well, including these carbo FH-41s...

A couple of nice selling points here...

C-4 (Distributed by Fairwheel Bikes) are making a pretty dang nice set of wheels at a good price. 2.7SL is an XR270 on a straight pull C-4 hub set. Weight is 1388gr. Ceramic bearings, CxRay spokes. MSRP is $975 and it comes in choice of rim colors, black, red, blue, gold, white, pink. They also go lighter...

Arguably better than the price is the 5 year warranty that includes a no cost crash replacement policy (read details at C-4). You might want to take a peek at what these new guys are doing...

No longer new guys but guys that have new things, TOPOLINO help us "round" this edition out fading to "Black"…

They continue with the CX and AX models but pump up the stiffness by adding 50% more carbon to their Carbon Kevlar spokes. They also change the spoke pattern with the new design.

The new wheels will be the CTR (like the CX2.0) and ATR (like the current AX 3.0) and while the spokes are all black, the 50% bump in carbon doesn't make for the all black spoke look. That's a pigmented coating that smoothes the surface. They maintain some Kevlar on the front and back of every spoke - a good thing in my opinion.

Topolino also showed the new VX 4.0 Carbon Tubular that, when combined with the new spokes should make for a hell of a quick spin up.

No release date for the VX but the CTR should be ready for January and the ATR for early spring. Both will cost about $1420.00

More to follow and thanks!

Have Fun,
Charles Manantan

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