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Interbike ’07: Part 2836.4
Even the hangover is gone, but there was a load of parts this year to share… This finisher sees Quarq, Hudz, Zipp, Lew Racing, Ergon, Fizik, Knog, Deda, Cy-Fi, etc…

Let’s start at the front with the one of the more often reported bars from Deda Elementi, The Phazer…

These are a bit of a walking contradiction, as they bring some newish ergobulge, but do it with and old-school bend. My first thought was folks would love or hate ’em, so I walked outside and had a few folks grab Deda’s bulge, and like me, 8 people in a row went “I wasn’t sure I would like it, but it really feels good, right where it should”… Also note that little arrow points to a nifty little wiggle to bar clamping where a reinforced hole allows a pass-through clamp set up.

From that we hit a new set of bars that were probably the least covered at the show – the latest spread of bars from ZIPP.

I don’t think I’ve seen pics anywhere about these, but my favorite shape is a shallow reach short drop set (3) and I love an old school bend (2). Zipp will of course still offer their standard shape, but have finally come out with a range of light but solid that should suite darn near everyone’s bar fancy.

Also missed by most folks is one of Zipp’s available stealth-safety features… This is a shot of the same wheels with and without my camera flash…

Something that’s pretty much been lost on everyone (including me, as Nathan from Zipp had to rub my nose in it) is that there are logo’s we all thought were bright white or simply black with a white outline that are actually reflective… As loads of rides here in Arizona start with me rolling out before the sun starts to kick, this will absolutely be a request for the next test set…

And should you stick this material on a set of 1080’s, you may actually scare drivers with the massive reflective surface…

Yeah, the 1080’s should be considered a “deep” profile compared to the new 202 and damn near everything else but a disk…

Going a whole other way with reflection are Lew Racing.

In fact, when light hits these, the logo’s are a bit of a black whole, meaning everything else might reflect a bit except the printing…

But very un-black hole like, the wheels themselves seem not to have much of a relationship with gravity (please God, spare me the theory pm’s at WW!) as is evidenced the 307 grams for the front of a special “top of the world” edition pair. We’re certain that the 15 thousand dollars price tag (that’s one million, four thousand, seven hundred and fifty two Kenyan Shillings) will keep the waiting line “short” for a “built to rider weight” set.

Want to try and keep from noticing how much weight you have on your back? Richard Todd of ERGON simply told us we lacked balls… er ball.

Note that it stops you getting as sweaty too, as the pack is suspended a bit off your body.

This is the sweetest design in packs I’ve seen in, well, ever… It leaves the load at your hips and the ball pivot joint allows the shoulder straps to give your upper body darn near complete freedom.

How’s this for a range of motion without upsetting your load…

And as evidence that the folks at Ergon were not one hit wonders, they also have a shoe / cleat device that will allow you to note your cleat position (several brands)…

And plop the replacement right where the old trashed nobby came off. And the damn thing’s cheap…

Also cheap are a new little bobble that people keep saying is one of those “why didn’t I think of that” items… Which is bullshchtik, as HUDZ grips are one of those items that we’ve all thought of…

Simple colored replacement hoods for Campy and Shimano, with the right fit and all the required little tricky molding inside…

They’re coming in yellow, white, black, grey, green, red, blue and will be distributed through QBP and a couple of other distributors here in the USA.

Another colorful and well thought set of products rolls out from KNOG.

Most of us have seen the “brilliant” little lights from Knog, and now they’ll either stand out more, or blend in, depending on your current bike color.

Also from Knog are bike bags, wallets, shoes, gloves…

Probably a broader line of kit than you realize is there, and all with exceptionally good build quality, and all with that extra bit of ‘urban funk’ that make this stuff lean as much to art as function…

For those looking to share their Urban Funk or house or techno or rock or folk or country or Rap or Reggae (insert “and” for “or” if you’re Dave Zabriskie), there’s a handy new little gadget that allows you to play your Ipod tunes through standard speakers rather than ear buds…

Cy-Fi has a front mounted, aero shaped unit that lets you have some basic Ipod controls right from your bar top while your Ipod sits snug in your pocket (or protector) and transmits wireless… The sound isn’t earth shattering given its size (and battery life) but it’s a neat new gig…

You can’t be a pimper without a nice stick and balls…

TISO and Cycling Innovations take care of lots of folks with a super handy torque wrench that has a static resistance and allows you to simply turn a bolt or screw as you would a screw driver with a view of the torque being applied.

The different heads stow away into the handle making this a convenient must have for those of us (virtually all of us) that need a simple quick easy torque wrench.

As for balls, TISO give you little white ones.

Note too that these pulleys don’t mess about with ceramic balls in steel (a bit of a half baked “hybrid” exercise) and give you silky races on silky balls. Of course they come in several colors, as if Tiso would go any other way.

And the last little deal is probably one of the best in new Tech for this year.

QUARQ bring us a step closer to having a new Power measuring tech that isn’t hub or wheel based, isn’t tied to an individual head unit and is wireless.

Here’s the sweet spot if you’re weight weenie material. A standard spider weighs @ 70 grams… The “Cinqo” (think Spanish 5) spider and measuring unit weighs 120… That’s a power measuring unit that costs you 50 grams (ish).

And this is a strain gauge based device, which is simply the best (some say the only real way) to be accurate. Quark use four grids and two gauges (think “sensors”) on each arm to take the measures, meaning 20 grids on 10 gauges. Then the unit spits the info out in Ant+ format to either their own receiver and or the Garmin 705 GPS.

And Quarq are currently working on coaching software with Cycling Peaks so that you can take all the data from a unit like their Qranium computer and totally geek out on the data with graphs charts and lots of other stuff that coaches, serious athletes and complete dorks (like me) can use!

This unit is compatible with lots of crank sets that use a separate spider. Some Specialized and Cannondale cranks work, as do select cranks from FSA, SRAM, Truvative, Rotor and a few others. $1195 without cranks isn’t cheap, and you still have to have the Garmin or Qranium, but this is developing into a pretty compelling product.

That wraps this list up just in time for filling out that next list to go to the important guy in the red and white suite (Santa not Bjarne…) so have at it.

Have Fun,
Charles Manantan

Note: if you have other experiences with gear, or something to add, drop us a line. We don’t claim to know everything (we just imply it at times). Give us a pat on the back if you like the reviews or a slap in the head if you feel the need!

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