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Interbike 06: Heaps of Happiness From Hangover Heaven
Vegas this year was not piled full of genuine innovation (but there is some). What it did bring us was some new Next Gen gear from a few of the top dogs, as well as a couple of new things from new guys… It’ll take us a few articles so the pictures don’t run on, but we’ll give you a good sized batch rather than spread it too thin…

As the thumbnail grabbed your attention, so did all the gear from the guys featured in the thumbnail!

On a suggestion from Wheel Wonderkind Troy Watson of Ligero Wheelworks, I took a look at INDUSTRY NINE who have been rolling out mountain wheels for a bit and the next step was to bring a little color to the road…

And don’t think for a second that color is all there is here… The hub internals and spoke lacing design are extremely well done.

A good example is that Zipp don’t give their branded rims to just anyone to play with… They’re not rolling retail yet, but when they do, the quality AND the color combo’s should draw a quick following.

A sweet deal, also in “wheel house” came from the folks at HED.

There’s a reason that a mysterious guy with a ponytail is usually lurking in the background when team photo’s from Lance and the Discovery guys were in the wind tunnel (or at the Tour, or several other places)… It’s because Steve Hed is so completely involved and hands on with making athletes perform better. Sure, Hed had a whole slew of sweet wheels on display (wheels so fast that a pair of Jet 50’s beat my plane back from Vegas!), but what really set me off were a couple of computer programs that they use to select what wheel might be best in many conditions.

What is shown here is the basic program. They also have a very advanced GPS-based program that will allow you to plug in wind speed, weight, riders’ power output and then plots the entire course and wheel selection, so there is NO guessing… If your extremely special, you’ll also have Steve on the course on race day with hand wind measuring devices so that you not only know what wheels to ride but whether you want to be right, left or center on each part of the street…

There are folks that yell VENGA-VENGA at their riders (or there used to be…) and there’s your DS getting dead on info from Steve Hed to calmly help you kick everyone’s ass… I’ll take Hed…

Next in line is an outstanding hydration product from ELETE.

I know, I know… It’s not an earth shattering new $12,000 bike, or $4,000 wheel… But the product is exceptional because of its complete lack of anything other than usefulness… It is a super concentrated blast of four key electrolytes: magnesium, chloride, sodium, and potassium. The little bottle you see is enough to make several gallons, and can be refilled with the big bottle… Super portable, and has virtually no taste! Mixed with plain water or added to light juice, this is something for everybody.

This next one is probably not for everybody…

Nic Crumpton of Crumpton Cycles and Lance Johnson of Groupe De Tete rolled out a couple of unbelievable one-off bikes scattered around the show… The one that garnered the most attention was this overweight monstrosity:

Of course there where lighter bikes on display, but of course only on catalogue paper… This bike might have been lighter than some catalogues… 7 pounds and darn near no change, custom one piece track bar and stem combo, also from Nic, brake from Carbon Ti, Nokon Cable and a sweet Zipp Cranked drive train…

No price tag was hanging, but it will probably sit some place near the trade value of a 2002 BMW 5 series (good condition with premium package)…

On the dream TT side firmly sat Bob Parlee’s and Parlee Cycles prototype.

It was Las Vegas and there was plenty to look at, but this was easily the tightest butt on display inside or outside the show… He also partnered with shops like Tucson’s Fair Wheel Bikes and KGS from Texas to knock out a slobber drawing booth that included incredible build kits and paint (like red cells that actually appeared to throb as your perspective changed)…

Also in the slick skin category where Kuota Bicycles and Euro-Spek.

We popped in to see human rocket Normann Stadler talking with the Super Mario’s about the set up and beautiful paint scheme on next year’s Tri Rig when we noticed the new for 07 Cranks.

They were SWEET looking enough not to need any innovation, but Kuota have partnered to bring a crank that will have a larger degree of adjustability than even this picture suggests…

Not satisfied with simply being “in” the spotlight (as dealers mobbed them) the extremely smart guys at KNOG decided to create their own spot light with some of the best thought out mounting and brightest beams (and more).

I knew about their little frog, but had not seen the equally versatile (and finish friendly) Toad. But Frogs are not the king of the swamp, and Knog have the Gator (a light weight and extremely light full lighting system) almost ready (it also uses clever mounting)… They also feature some of the best designed bags and urban cycling gear (shoes too) around, so they get two links to the Knog Site.

Someone else we didn’t expect to show with shoes until just before Interbike were the design maestros at GIRO

Two things I will say…

1st the shoes are SWEET. The whole line looks like someone read my mind when I thought about what I want in hot weather active footwear (in both form and function). The materials seem to be top notch as well.

2nd, It’s a damn shame that the company that did the most professional, most complete job of pre show marketing (AND in show flexibility) was also the company my schedule screwed up (Sorry J) and prevented a meeting with. But we’ll have a few more line shots as we knock out more articles. Great stuff though!

The last cool thing from this go round is of course Cool Personified…

I’m sorry, but the Lion King is still one of the top 5 personalities in cycling… No skin suite needed, he makes folks turn heads, and he would if he never pedaled a damn bike. Lots of women were saying “who’s that”, not ‘wow it’s Cipo’… They could just smell the Animal…

I had a misguided friend tell me “Ahhh Mario puts his pants on one leg at a time just like you do Mate”…

Ah yes… But judging by the models and other female clingers at Sinclair’s party, the difference between me and Mario is not how we both put our pants on…

It’s that he very rarely has to take his own pants off…

More Later,
Charles Manantan

Note: if you have other experiences with gear, or something to add, drop us a line. We don’t claim to know everything (we just imply it at times). Give us a pat on the back if you like the reviews or a slap in the head if you feel the need!

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