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Cool Gear: Serfas FP 100 Floor Pump
Owning a floor pump is not something the average “cyclist” would have, but if you’re reading this, you’re obviously not average! And that means you've probably blown through a few air pumps in your day. The Serfas FP 100 is a pump to set a fine standard in the category…

You may know the Serfas company from their expertise in other areas – they started about 11 years ago with a market leading development of a gel saddles. Then came their dual density rubber handlebar grip, designed to absorb shock, made from two different rubbers bonded together. (ahem.)

In the last decade they’ve expanded their line of products to include helmets, tires, lights, bikes cases, (a bunch more stuff) and of course, pumps.

The FP 100 shines a few areas. These guys don’t mess around when it comes to construction. Their website claims the barrels, bases & shafts are “bulletproof” – (how they tested that I’m not sure) but the pump feels and looks solid. There are no loose, squeaky, or rattley bits, and the levers and sliders are made to last a long time.

The valve head fits nice ‘n snug over the stem, locks down tight with the thumb lever. The pump is measured to deliver 160 PSI inflation – more than enough for any one us!

The valve head features holes for both Presta and Schrader stems, so you’ll never have to improvise. It comes with attachments for things like soccer balls and inflatable pool toys – (like inner tubes bigger than your 27 inchers?).

The handle itself is ergo shaped, and made from that special dual-density rubber we mentioned earlier. The hose is a tough flexible rubber that should last for eons, but you can get slightly more expensive models with stainless steel hoses – probably intended for industrial… yup.

It’s got a nice big gauge that’s easy to read, and comes with a handy dial that you can use to mark off your air limit.

Bottom line: It’s a pump. It put air into your tires and does it quickly and reliably, it’s made to last, and you can’t beat the price - US$35.00 MSRP - ! I admit I was expecting this pump to cost twice as much. And with a reliability record that boasts a return rate of less than 1% of the total units sold, this should be the last pump you need for a long time.

Check out the rest of the Serfas line at their website:


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