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Cool Gear: MODOLO Carbon Bars & Stem
With several component brands hitting the market with all sorts of “Star-wars”-looking Carbon Bars and stems, I was looking forward to the latest Modolo gear from IBEX Sports to add to the latest test bike from Argon (review in a week or so). The Alien seat post we have all seen, and it was a great surprise!

I was pleasantly surprised to get something with plenty of flash and curve (or bulge…), but still in a very laid back, traditional look. As a matter of fact, the best part about these bars is covered nicely by the bar tape, but is still completely functional. The Carbon weave at the center section has a good clear coat and the accent stickers just happened to be an understated and perfect color match to the test bike, but not so loud that they wouldn’t go with anything. The things you notice right away are the nicely laid groves that eliminate the feel of cables under your tape, and the slight but functional Bulge / flat / ergo hand grip section.

The Grooves for both cables if you run Campy, or one cable if Shimano is your desired set, is deep enough to actually make the cable go away under the tape (these come with an elastomer to fill the second trench if you run Shimano). And for those of you that like a little raised section on one or both sides of your bars that is created by cables run on bars with no groves (or inadequate groves) you will really like the hand grip sections on the Modolo’s.

The formed section on the crossbar is large enough to feel, but small enough not to be over done. It lacks finger notches that some of the new high-zoot bars have (I like em but some folks don’t). But I like these a little better, as it allows your hands to fall where you want, rather than where the groves put you. The flattened section isn’t too large either, allowing smaller hands to get a full grip.

The Drops on the Modolo’s are shallow. This is a nice feature as most riders (according to a few major league names in coaching and Bike fit) are set up too low to begin with. These drops are noticeable, but not overboard. You will also find this shallow drop in thier 7075 aluminum version that comes in at a nice 225 grams.

The ride is great, soaking up some of the upper end vibration like you would expect from a good set of Carbon bars. The Stiffness of these bars (and we tested the standard size rather than the even stiffer Oversized version) was very – very good. They are light by any standards at 190 Grams, but stiffer than some weighing more…

Retail on these bars is in line with the Carbon competition at $259.95, and $89 bucks for the 7075 Aluminum is a great buy if you are looking for a stiff and light set with a shallow drop.

The Stem they sent was a pleasant surprise.

It has a metal clamping area and the inside finish was well made. This unit is more stiff and given it’s substantial clamping area, I would venture that it is a little more durable up front than a few other carbon neck’s around. It hits the scales at @135 Grams, which is in line with lots of other High end stems, but this thing feels more substantial than several other hyper-light Carbon stems on the market, no doubt helped by a forged metal head (Ti screws of course). At $219.00 it is not the most economically viable piece of kit on the planet, but when comparing the bar and stem combo for weight and price, (325 Grams for KX Carbon bars and Stem at $478 bucks), these come in more than a hundred bucks and @ a hundred grams lighter than something like the Deda Synapsi (and you can get it in different sizes for bars and stem…) and 40 bucks cheaper and 8 grams under the Uniko and Unika bar and stem combo from ITM (I am slobbering all over at the thought of owning any of these for more than a few days though…).

If $478 bucks is more than you budgeted, the 7075 Aluminum Bars and stem combo from Modolo is a solid choice and can be had for somewhere close to a third of the cost of most high end carbon. They are right on par with the top end Aluminum set ups from the likes of Deda, 3T and ITM and come in that nice shallow drop and short reach.

For more info, check out IBEXSPORTS.COM . They are also the folks for VDO Computers and the super light stuff from USE (Alien…)

If you are looking for a quick on-line buy for MODOLO products (and I believe, no shipping for orders in the US) check out .


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