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BAR WARS! First Look At The Hands On Stuff At Interbike
First on the block are the Cinelli Ram. Cinelli came out with the first carbon one piece bar and stem, using shapes and curves (their first edition was the Alter combo in aluminum done for the Lion King then brought public). A host of others are taking the idea and running with it, but it started with the Cinelli guys (commercially available as it were…)

Next up are the one piece job from USE who look extremely similar, but have a very nice stem attachment. Problem with there new stem is that U.S.E. choose to go one better in the no flexibility department. You better be sure you want your bars where they are, AS once the steer tube is cut there is no going back. The new stem doesn’t allow for extra room out the top. U.S.E. also have standard bars and stems available, and as always, the stuff is super light.

FSA have had nice shaped carbon bars for a while, and they have added a set of aluminum bars with a wide top. Not a bad idea, as Aluminum bars still seem to have less trouble cracking when you ham fist the stem tightening than their Carbon counterparts.

3T have a rock and roll set up with more bumps and wiggles than the gentleman’s club visited by one of the Pez guys on the last night. Cable routing grooves and dips and curves in lots of logical places make this set up either the best or worst bar set on the market depending on weather you like to put your hands where the guys at 3T think you do (and they’re probably correct…)

We are sure that Deda’s new Alanera bar stem combo is a thing of beauty, Unfortunately we never found a pair to look at.

Tech Ed Note: Bravo Fulvio!

Mountain Bike comes to mid when we think of KORE components, but they have finally come to their senses and started down the road to, uh, er, Road…. Great bars with a few dents and wiggles and very good position for cable routing.

Don’t forget to look back through our tech section at great bars from Easton, Kuota, Deda and recently the Stella guys. All good stuff!

And Stay tuned for plenty More Interbike stuff, including words from Pettacchi, Simoni and a few others and lots of ultra cool Product, Frames and more!


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