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The PEZ Holiday Wish List – V.1
It’s that time of year where we struggle in our geekdom to try and get anyone to relate to us as cyclists where seasonal gifts are concerned… So we thought we would toss out a couple of ideas for you to give your loved ones…

The most important piece of gear you have on your body, as it relates to performance, is easily your shoes… Why not go whole Hog and have it done right with a set of D2 Custom shoes?

With even stock shoes getting up in the several hundred dollar range, and every stock guy out there acknowledging how critical fit is by finally offering a semi-worked footbed or partial molded upper, it’s plainly obvious what the benefits are for having the whole shoe done right…

And while you’re at it, why not go to the next stage of fitting and custom and drop a dollar or two on one of these?

Serotta Bicycles bring the new-new Meivici AE out and everything on it is custom tuned to the rider, from geometry to tube layup, even the rear wheel cut out for the seat tube is custom cut depending on seat angle / wheel position. One would need to have been that special kind of naughty to deserve the AE…

Thinking about naughty, ZIPP make a few accessories that apply not just to cycling… Their drying towel is FANTASTIC for indoor training or a Tri transition but serves many purposes by holding 8 times it’s weight in what ever fluids might be covering your body after spreading all sorts of holiday cheer …

And they have a sport bag…

…with so many different storage compartments (two wet packs, an entire separate section under the main compartment, small and medium internal stuff and zip pockets, stow-able backpack shoulder straps, Helmet carrier that’s perfect for sweatshirts etc, bottle carrier and more…) that this bag is way cool as a regular travel partner rather than simply a part time cycle kit carrier.

This time of year is also great for lotions and potions that help you ease into and out of your ride. Elite Ozone products distributed by are perfect starters ahead of the ride…

And they also make the right post ride warmers and recovery rubs.

This time of year, eyewear is a pretty funky choice with lower light and quicker changes… For those of you with an RX need, probably the best guys available are SPORTS OPTICAL.

I have a lot of options available for eyewear and I have no need at all to call anyone else… The latest are a hot pair of Rudy’s with custom cut Transitions lenses that adapt to the variable light conditions that are the norm for longer rides. Sports Optical are also masters at all sorts of color coatings and they do full wrap lenses that leave other companies scratching their heads and offering up inserts and two part options because they can’t get the script into the angles…

For the times you can’t get out for a ride (or can, but just flat don’t want to) Elite are also providers of some top indoor training gear.

Elite’s wireless has plenty of features / functions, easy set up, swing arm mounts that are bike friendly and an elastomeric roller that’s tire friendly and doesn’t break the bank…

A few other things that don’t break the bank, come in from Blackburn Design.

Why not give someone you love fleas?

At just 17 grams and smaller than an Oreo™ cookie, Blackburn calls their new Flea lights the lightest, brightest rechargeable cycling lights in the world. For sure their diminutive size and incredibly versatile mounting system makes them convenient, and with four next-gen LED’s churning out 40 lumens, they cast enough light to shed some honest visibility on a dark road. And Blackburn’s proprietary charging system utilizes any standard 1.5v alkaline battery. Front and Rear versions available.

Blackburn also knock out one of the lightest pumps (that still actually pump…) on the market.

In recent years Blackburn has reinvented itself as a top tier accessory company and another of many examples is the AirStik SL. At a mere 59 grams and no longer than a dollar bill, it’s definitely compact enough to toss in a jersey pocket (or stuff in a stocking on Christmas eve?). But by stealing some design elements of suspension fork internals, the all-aluminum dual-chamber design mimics a suspension fork’s internals to move 37% more air per stroke than competitive pumps at the same size. Available in black or white, but the white one is most likely to make it on our Wish List.

Tiso from Cycling Innovations are also in the affordable range…

Not everything on this tree is cheap, but lots of little bits and bolts from the Italian Tuner Titans are just a couple dollars and those little bits of color can make a big visual impact on a bike while likely shedding a few grams at the same time…

Knog are always on the list for cool simple designs and they also have a massive amount of fairly reasonable gift ideas…

On the fourth day of Christmas my true love gave to me…4 LEDs! Covering all LED bases, the newest wrap around safety light from Knog is the SKINK. Available in both white (front) and red (red) LEDs, the SKINK runs on 2x AAA batteries for 30 hours on constant and 220 hours flashing. The coolest feature on the clear, black, white, red, light blue and pink SKINK is a low battery indicator light. Never get caught in the dark again.

Another easy gift idea is the new Dual: Tape from Fi’zi:k

Though this might make a lovely holiday tree wrap, Dual would serve the recipient better wrapped where it belongs – on the bars… Recently tested and approved by the Garmin-Slipstream team, fi’zi:k’s DUAL:TAPE is double stitched, providing a natural air cushion for extra shock absorption. The soft touch microtex material offers a positive contact grip in all conditions. Commented Dave Millar, “A proper step forward for bar tape!”

A step or 5 beyond bar tape would be a new Colnago EP COLNAGO EP

Sure the EP and new EPS and CX1 come calling in the standard massive fleet of sizes and yes they have a bunch of new paint schemes to choose from, but why not roll out a holiday paint theme?

Also a little higher up the dollar scale are Easton’s new EC90 Carbon cranks…

Not as inexpensive as Bar tape , but few other upgrades can shed as many grams with no sacrifice in performance. And according to Easton, EC90 crank packs the best strength-to-weight ratio of any carbon crank currently tested—thanks to Easton’s proprietary CNT™ carbon and cutting-edge composite construction techniques. The resulting structure has turned out 500,000 cycles in fatigue tests and an ultimate strength off the charts, and at 558 grams, it’ll shave 100-200 grams off your bike. And Easton’s EC90 uses standard 5-bolt pinned and ramped chainrings and is available with standard or ceramic bottom bracket

And why not plug in a set of Look’s Keo Sprint Laneo in the new cranks?

Sure you get the same solid pedal action and platform from the guys that basically started the clip-in revolution, but these come with a little twist.

The Sprint Laneo is a special model that contributes funding to the Laneo project. Laneo is an online service organization that connects people and companies around the world to work together to develop and support projects that protect the environment. Laneo is building a dynamic movement for a cleaner, more sustainable planet. Please visit Laneo.Org for more information on how you can help out.

Stay tuned to PEZ for more great holiday gift giving ideas…

Have Fun,
Charles Manantan

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