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Showtime 3: Interbike07 Minus 3 days
And C o u n t i n g . . . Interbike07 is just days away, and pretty much the entire bike industry is in the final throws of our annual pre-show fever – sleepless nights, stressed out workers, everything last minute – “we love the smell of Interbike in the morning”! Here’s another sneak at what’s coming before it gets here…

Bontrager will have a few wheel set changes / additions, but my favorite pre show shot is of the new Race X Lite Blade bar…

You can just pick a hint of it from the front, but this is very close to the old school round bend bar that many people love and few companies produce. There is very little ergo shape to the drops and it’s also a fairly short reach bar. They add some shape to the top though, making this a bar that will make a lot of people happy. Bontrager also plan on spreading some booty love in Las Vegas too. Their new saddles and fit system will be roaming demo day and the show floor as well.

Scott will show an extremely high spec version of the Addict SL.

The new Mavic Carbon on board and a host of light gear will have this ready to race off the shelf. Or rather ready to be tossed out of races as it sits below the 6.8 weight limit.

Sidi will come with their version of what the rainbow jersey stripes might look like when the world goes all Modern…

The new Ergo’s keep the slick / light / stiff carbon sole and get some funk thrown in up top. Last year and the year before it was Chrome… Now we go multi hue reflective.

FSA will show their complete line of road caliper brakes for 2008. All models – the K-Force SL-K, and Energy have been redesigned to reduce weight, increase stopping power, and look better.

The I-beam constructed K-Force weights in at 140g per caliper, uses carbon fibre brake shoes, has adjustable spring tension, adjustable orbital pads and comes in fashionable black.

DeRosa will be on show at the Trialtir booth – and likely creating a lot of hoopla with the “sell ’em as fast as we get ’em” Idol. The sexy curvy frame is handmade carbon, direct from Italy, – check out the PEZ Review here.

Upland Sports will have both DeMarchi and their Capoforma line up for 08 on hand.

PEZ sport Upland Kit as the house colors and love the cham choices that Upland have spec’d, and the new bibs from DeMarchi set a benchmark for comfort and quality that I honestly feel is the best in cycling…

LeMond Fitness makes going nowhere a big aid in going faster…

The new G-force series brings high end capabilities to one of the most solid training / spin tools available introducing watts, new graphics and USB download to their trainers. Indoor is simply one of the most effective consistent ways to train and this ups the game for LeMond.

No need to adjust your set, and this picture isn’t “Photoshop’d” at all…

This is Lynskey’s new 29er and they’ve thrown some swerve at the Ti stock. This is one of a few additions that will “cross” the country to show at Vegas…

Also in the land of twists and lumps is the new bar set from Deda.

Kinda the anti-oldschool, Deda bring some logical over-sizing to common hand positions for lots of us, but then leave the bend alone, rather than tossing in some ergo. This one will be fun to grab and love or hate.

After standing all day on the show floor, a lot of folks will be happy to find something nice to sit on like this new 1-bolt post from Ritchey.

The WCS Carbon 1BOLT Seatpost (MSRP:289.95 ), “is the result of a high-modulus, monocoque carbon construction and precision forged alloy clamp assembly.” A single 5mm allen key is all you need to install and adjust this baby. It’s low profile head optimizes saddles clearance and adds to sleek lines. 175g (27.2/350mm)

In the light game, Sinclair Imports bring Limar (and oh please say Emma) to the show…

This is touted as the worlds lightest helmet and will be a must have for some of the weight weenie crowd, but we’ve yet to hear if Limar have added to the CE (euro) safety approval (which is all anyone should need) and can/ will have them ready for US shelves. In any case I am going to try and steal one regardless of its contraband status…

Another round of Happy Feet will come from the guys at eSoles

Not satisfied with a great laser scan and milled custom orthotic, they’ll add to the line early next year with a semi custom offering. Until then, see our spy pictures of their new scanning technology. This year’s Tour De France tested product helped the Discovery boys kick enough ass to win the team competition… Retailers will want to see the newest gear here…

Spanish clothing maker Inverse will show off the Air Jacket – ideal for cold riding days – below 40F! It is made of Shelltex, which is a Windtex elastic fabric that has a fleeced lining. Strong, soft, stretchy, and breathable. Zippered vents on the arms, and an Ipod pocket; large zippered rear pocket with reflective detail. Windproof/waterproof front zipper. Reflective accents. Retail price: $219.95 Get one now at

New for ’08, Blackburn’s Neuro cyclometer series uses the same easy-to-use navigation and large, four-line screen as the popular Delphi line, but packs a 2.4GHz digital wireless data transmission system that’s impervious to interference and crosstalk. Neuro also has a more robust set of training functions, including 5 Zone Heart Rate with Real Time Memory, and an intuitive interval program that can be set in less than six keystrokes. Three models are available ranging from $124.99 up to $224.99.

Still in the development stage but promised to us soon, is the latest from PowerCranks

It’s PowerCranks & SRM – together in one power-making & power-measuring unit. The Belgian team has the first prototype pictured above. Word is that some older units will be upgradeable, keep your eyes on PEZ for the latest…

From smooth on the road to reallllly smooth on the boards – the new track hub from American Classic:

It weighs only 180 grams, runs fully sealed ceramic bearings, drilled for 32 spokes and includes a lock ring and large 17mm axle. Full diameter clamp bolts combined with a large 21mm drive side contact point mean it won’t pull under heavy load.


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