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Showtime 2: Eurobike Gets In Gear
Round two of what you may or may not see in a shop near you. Eurobike Germany gets most of what Interbike will bring, and the usual SuperTuner kit that North America only ever gets a tickle of…

Pez Tech work with Adrien Gontier and for a great set of pictures of the Uber Gear… This time we start at the back…

THM , known well for light tuner gear this year bring a new sleeved rear mech to the show…

A whole different take on push and pull for this unit and a nice little wrapping to smooth the wind (though the UCI sometimes have fun with anything they consider a simple skin).

Also in the back shifter game, Carbon Sports bring Lightweight to a rear mech as well.

This has a more traditional look and function set, bringing thoughts of what a Campy all-carb unit would look like. But the details you should note, in the swing arm and at several other points tell us Lightweight did some home schooling. Out back they’ll couple with up-rated pulleys and the whole thing will weigh less than George Bush’s brain!

Of course Lightweight and Carbon Sports are known far more for their wheels (despite both Canyon, Lightweight and Unibet getting completely screwed by the UCI).

For 07, Lightweight have decided to go clincher. And not just any set of hoops here folks. This is an all carbo mid depth profile set up that will tip in at 1090 grams!

And they’ve changed a few other things in the line, like adding a 790 gram set of wheels, as well as adding an all carbon spoke to the line up…

Note no gold/brown in the spokes above…

Also running in the carbon clincher race now are DT Swiss. They have punched out this new shallow rim profile that makes for a hoop at about 300 grams and a wheel set that will tip in at roughly 1250…

If you want to go deep, and we mean deep deep, Zipp also rolled out their 1080. This, along with their disk wheel that actually pushes you along rather than creating drag (at 15 degrees), the new aero 202 and the new crank were all “big show”…

Zipps cranks were not stand alone though, as Easton brought their version of push pieces to the front with the new EC90 set up featuring everyone’s standard 5arm spider and outboard bearings…

And Stronglight also showed their Sushi Chef knife meets star wars inspired cranks that have a nice clean arm to spider blend and a little bit of wedge shape that may (or may not) help Aero performance (as what comes around goes around…).

And at the tail end was the new Ergo cut carbon seat from FRM, Along with their new reinforced honeycomb carbon tech, used in a few things. This is a new tech that will be interesting to watch as it’s added to the line up…

So there you have it…

Sure there are lots of bikes on the floor… We’ll get to it in due time, but overall, it’s the parts changes leading the way for tech in 07-08’.

Oh Yeah – almost forgot … here’s what you came to see in the first place!

Note: if you have other experiences with gear, or something to add, drop us a line. We don’t claim to know everything (we just imply it at times). Give us a pat on the back if you like the reviews, or a slap in the head if you feel the need!

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