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Interbike ’06 Preview: Hot Stuff In Vegas
Summer is gone, but this is the tech geek’s time for Hot Stuff, as Interbike looms on the Horizon. Vegas will have some of the gear shown from Eurobike and some stuff held over. Pez give you a look at what the industry folks will be looking for as Cycling goes on display in the USA…

Imagine how great it would be if this woman had more personality than Looks?! It’s actually true… And Limar have the best feature at Interbike again in 07’ with Emma. You can catch her at Sinclair Imports booth, and hopefully it takes you less than the three and a half hours it took me looking at this picture to note the very nice Helmets from Limar that will also be on show.

And yes, you can click on the thumbnail picture at the top for a larger view…

Additional proof that nothing is hotter than a shapely Italian, Sidi are ready to launch what I am sure will be on the Christmas list of those living a bit further North then the Phoenix Tech HQ. Veltec Sports will roll out feet heat at booth 1351…

A company known for what’s up top decides to go down on you as Giro decide they want to go from head to toe… No word on costing, but the styles we’ve seen so far leave no doubt that designers put in a few bazillion hours trying to find a way to make your feet look and feel as good as their helmets have. Booth 3365 will be buzzing.

Sticking with the Foot Fetish…What do you get when you cross two guys with vision, tradecraft and sheer balls like foot-meister David Simmons (Simmons Racing) and Lance Johnson (Groupe de Tete, Ltd.)? Hand-made, full-custom (made from a full-foot casting) carbon cycling shoes like the MoJo pictured here, or more traditional (traditional in a ‘nothing’s sacred mad scientist’ way…) custom shoe designs that are off the charts cool. These Kicks can be seen by appointment at the show, so hit up Lance at 828-225-3440 or at

Over to bikes we go, and one of the new offerings this year from the hearts and minds at Kuota Bicycles and Patrice with Euro-Spek will be their new KOM. No surprise at all the Kuota have gone head long at the Light / Stiff side, but the beauty is in the details at Kuota and we spy here a new adjustable length Crank to go along with a sub 900 gram frame set… They also launch the Kebel and a few other treats…

DMT step in through Upland Sports Group and go metal with their new Magnesium soles. Upland also put down ultra trick kit from Capoforma and De Marchi, so dropping in to see them is a must.

Parts pimpers Tiso will roll through and you might spy a few of these nifty necks on bikes at the show…

Known for headsets, bolt kits, pulley wheels, front and rear mechs, distribute these tiny treaures made stock or workable for OEM orders…

Another must-stop will be the multiple line booths of Gita Sporting Goods. They’ll have the new Ergomo power units as well as plenty of top line sleds from Pinarello, Eddy, Peggi and skins from Giordana

And make a first and last stop at Parlee Cycles … The selection of one off, hand made to measure pleasure they’ll have on display will not only be an example of what you’re looking for in a frame (no matter who you are), but word has it that they’ll have a whole lot of love going into what you want ON a frame as well…

Stick around, as we’ll have a few other pre show pop ups for you to view ahead of the show… We’re usually pretty hung ov, uh, well, we sometimes miss a couple of critical things in our couple days in Vegas, so we thought we might try and get some of this stuff in now while still sober…

Note: if you have other experiences with gear, or something to add, drop us a line. We don’t claim to know everything (we just imply it at times). Give us a pat on the back if you like the reviews, or a slap in the head if you feel the need!

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