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INTERBIKE 2: More stuff from Vegas…
I guess the first thing the guys I talk to are thinking about as they go to Vegas is head, and how much it’s gonna cost.

With that in mind, we’ll start with our buddies at QBP who distribute Lazer Helmets in the USA. We all know how sweet their Blade is, but great head can also be had on a budget! With that, Lazer bring us their new Genesis. It has a very good internal support skeleton (high-lighted ) that runs throughout, holding things together.

It also features pretty good venting channels inside and a really sweet new retention system that circles your entire bean for fit and protection (and no pinchy spots, as it is flexible…)

And Lazer have redesigned their TT helmet so that it’s now a sleek looking quicky (the first crash tt lid looked like someone parked a Humvee on your head (although it was fast and functional). It’s also cool flowing inside, both fit and vent wise

Catlike also decided to actually build the helmet they showed as a prototype a couple of years ago. The Whisper.

One of the problems with MANY helmets is that they are designed by people to maximize the look and the number of vents, but spoil the whole deal with crappy internal vent channels. Not so the new Whisper (or the old Kompact for that matter) as all those vents are channeled together.

A new player this year will be the LAS brand through Trialtir International. They have a full line that you have seen this year on the heads of Pro Tour number one Danny Di Luca (Protour Champion) and big Magnus. They are nice to look at and have a few color and design choices to choose from (including one that looks like an Asian Barking Beetle).

Another Treat from Trialtir were the Old School-New shoes from Colnago, suitably named the “Classic”. There were lots of neat kicks on display with great new buckle systems and fishing line retention and carbon everything, but had the white one been a 42.5 and the left shoe been under the counter in the booth, well let’s just say the picture back ground you would be looking at might resemble my kitchen floor more than the booth you see here…

Something nice to look at came from the Veltec Booth.

The Sidi Shoe is shown here by it’s target audience. It is a Women specific design that does far more than the typical use of a men’s shoe with color change and different size tag. These actually take into consideration the shape of women’s feet. An example of which is clearly visible in the heel cup where women’s feet are usually a bit more narrow…

As we walked around a bit we bumped into Dave Zabriskie a few times.

Of course I had to start off telling him that he had to work on his Yellow Jersey interview skills, but with careful consideration I realized that Dave doesn’t have to do sh!t as long as he keeps riding the way he does. We actually learned that he’s working with the guys at Foot Fitting.

They were absolutely swamped all show long with Pro’s rolling in for their new gear one after the other. They also did literally hundreds of other people too… But all was not perfect, as they made the rookie mistake of not checking who would be their next door neighbors. Having the guys three feet away doing Turbo Pogo stick Demo’s all day long must have been a treat!

Still they managed to get through it all without having boing-boy land on Big George, Floyd Landis, Levi, Dave Z or any of the really important celeb’s, like me!


We’ll be back again in a day or two with the rides and a few more little treats…


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