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Tuesday December 6, 2016
Power training and indoor trainers simply belong together. The pure efficiency and controlled environment of training indoors partners amazingly well with precise training based on specific targeted power numbers. The combination of accurate power measurement and controlled smart trainers has taken this to new levels.
Saturday December 3, 2016
The technology for indoor cycling training systems is constantly evolving, and while most non-trackies are opting for fixed-mount trainers, TruTrainer has reconverted me to the fun of rollers with their top-end quality and ride feel.
Wednesday July 13, 2016
INTERVIEW: As co-founder of CompuTrainer, Chuck Wurster has not only seen it all in the world of power-based cycling trainers, he's had a hand in the creation of a category that most of us take for granted today. Chuck talked candidly about what makes CompuTrainers better than any other trainer available.
Monday November 3, 2014
Wahoo Fitness' KICKR Power Trainer review: The lack of a rear wheel is most notable but that’s no place near this trainer’s best feature...
Tuesday February 11, 2014
The Omnium Trainer from SportCrafters promises the fluidity of cycling rollers and the lighter convenience of a transportable trainer packaged to fit inside your carry-on bag - here's a closer look.
Tuesday January 21, 2014
Wahoo Fitness, the leader in developing connected fitness tools to enhance performance and monitoring, is now the Official Supplier of Turbo Trainers to Team Sky, winners of the 2012 and 2013 Tour de France.
Monday November 4, 2013
Like it or loathe it, indoor training is an ideal way to train through the colder months or just work on your specific fitness goals. Despite the fact that I am definitely in the 'loathe it' category the PEZ still thought that I would be the ideal man to review CycleOps' Fluid 2 trainer.
Monday January 7, 2013
Frame stress be-gone… Locking down a $4-5-8,000+ bike by the rear QR and flexing the hell out of it bothers me and having very little movement while pounding out indoor miles stinks. Kinetic addresses both with the Rock and Roll Trainer - here's the PEZ Review...
Monday January 16, 2012
The TravelTrac Fluid Plus Trainer offers affordable convenience – a compact, lightweight trainer with adjustable resistance, that takes a few seconds to set up, and stores easily in a bunch of places.
Tuesday April 22, 2008
I often hear from cyclists who would like to race but “just don’t have enough time to train.” Even if you never plan to race, you can still see significant improvements in your riding with a limited time budget.
Saturday January 19, 2008
We've looked at a lot of premium rollers and trainers as prep for a long winter indoors, but another option is the complete indoor bike. Not the butt-busters you find in cardio rooms, but the CycleOps Pro 300PT – all the benefits of a PowerTap hub built into a sleek and solid indoor ergometer.
Tuesday November 27, 2007
It seems particularly insidious that winter’s slow riding months include the overindulgence of the holidays, inspiring fitness neglect through 'poor weather, lots of social events, and the high fat food' trifecta. But whether you’re just maintaining a base, or training for your best season ever, staying fit through the winter is key to a fast start next Spring. PEZ checks out 3 trainers to deliver you from the evils of Winter’s overindulgence.
Thursday February 8, 2007
It’s not a Mag… it’s not Fluid. It’s a simple flywheel that puts physics to work FOR you AND against you - at the same time! Blackburn’s TrakStand Ultra cycling trainer promises real road feel, plenty of resistance, and lots of silence, and after a winter of solid sessions indoors, I’d say it delivers.
Saturday December 16, 2006
Training with power is the best way to get better at whatever you do on the bike: racing, triathlons, mountain biking, century rides – you name it. So with winter training in full swing, we checked in with the guys at for the lowdown on the Tacx I-Magic, Tacx Cosmos, and the Kurt Kinetic Road Machine & Power Computer wattage trainers.
Tuesday November 28, 2006
We have taken a look at some premium rollers and trainers recently in preparation for a long indoor winter, but another option is the complete indoor bike. Not the butt-busters you find in cardio rooms, but the CycleOps Pro 300PT – all the benefits of a PowerTap hub built into a sleek and solid indoor ergometer.
Sunday November 12, 2006
It's pouring rain and around 7C degrees at PEZ HQ today - not exactly ideal conditions for a 3 hour Sunday session. With many of us facing bleak fall & winter days ahead, it's time to choose the right indoor trainer, and if you haven't thought of rollers - maybe you should. PEZ test the cream of the crop, and nothing is smoother than cream…
Wednesday July 2, 2003
In early June I made drove to Seattle to visit the guys at RacerMate, and take a first hand look at – and ride on, their newest training machine – the Velotron. This thing is like the Frankenstein of trainers – you can create your own monster!
Friday March 28, 2003
Call it spontaneous genious, but about the same time we started talking about crank lengths here at the worldwide PEZ-HQ, the folks at RacerMate were launching their newest training weapon - the VariCranks - the adjustable length crank set. We'll be planning a full test later in the season, but here's a first look...