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Sunday January 22, 2017
Winter 2016/17 '6 Day' Round Up: Ed Hood is at this moment in Berlin working with 'The Squirrels' of the boards at the '6 Day'. Before he gives us the inside line on the German race he has managed to write up the 2016/17 winter season, between running after his riders. London, Gent, Amsterdam, Rotterdam, Bremen and now Berlin - Ed's '6 Day' round up.
Tuesday February 9, 2016
Daniel Holloway is hard at it on the boards of Copenhagen at the moment. Our man at the velodromes of Europe, Ed Hood, caught up with 'Hollywood' in Berlin during the German '6 Day' last week. Life isn't all track though as Ed gets the lowdown on Daniel's road season for 2016.
Tuesday October 28, 2014
Rider Interview: Track trail-blazer, US Criterium Champion and style guru; what more could you want from an interview subject. Ed Hood caught up with US Six Day star Daniel 'Hollywood' Holloway at the first event of the winter season in Amsterdam to find out what makes this flamboyant character tick.
Monday October 27, 2014
After his charges had some success in the first half of the race in Amsterdam Ed Hood was hoping for more of the same in the back half but instead most of the spoils went to Paris-Roubaix champion, Niki Terpstra. Here's Ed's inside look at the all the goings on from the six day in Amsterdam from the final nights.
Saturday October 25, 2014
Working as a runner for the stars at the Amsterdam Six Day race our journalist Ed Hood is once again embedded deep inside the race. Here's his story from the first half of the race at the velodrome in Amsterdam as we pick up the action on Day 3.
Thursday February 13, 2014
Dukla Prague’s Martin Hacecky is our man in Eastern Europe; a cycling journalist, TV race commentator, professional roadman and winter boards rider. So there are few better people to ask the question of ‘What’s a day in the life of a six day rider really like?’
Thursday February 6, 2014
Copenhagen Six Day 2014: With five riders to look after as a runner at the Copenhagen Six, Ed Hood had his work cut out for him but he still had time to rock out to the music, take a few photos and soak up the atmosphere from inside this famous race.
Sunday February 2, 2014
First two days of the Copenhagen Six day cycling race: The rock 'n' roll carnival that is the European Six scene just finished up in Berlin and before you know it they've packed up again and moved further North into the icy surrounds of Denmark as the big names hit the boards in a frozen Copenhagen. Our runner on the scene Ed Hood checks in after the first two days of action.
Friday January 31, 2014
Ed Hood has worked at various six day races around Europe as a 'runner' for many of the big stars since 2005 and before he took us through the last three days of action at the Berlin Six we just had to ask him one question, 'What is it you actually do at a six day race?'
Monday January 27, 2014
Berlin Six 2014: PezCycling's Six Day man Ed Hood is in the trenches at the world's longest running Six Day cycling race, working as a runner for American riders Daniel Holloway and Guy East. Here's his look at the first 3 days of action and events from the German Capital.
Sunday January 12, 2014
First held back in 1936 the Rotterdam Six Day is a classic in the six day cycling scene in more ways than one. The tradition, the hard racing & the entertainment create an atmosphere like no other. PEZ was there trackside to take it all in.
Thursday November 28, 2013
After a heavy night of Friday night action at the Gent six day with a promising weekend of bikes, beer, frites and track action ahead, there was still time to enhance the weekend with one more Belgian staple - Cyclocross. With the World Cup action just a drive away, the opportunity to see the best 'cross men in the world couldn't be knocked back.
Tuesday November 26, 2013
The historic Gent Six day race is perhaps the most prestigious and exciting track event of the year so it was no surprise that our own six day addict Ed Hood was there in the center of the iconic velodrome with pen, paper and camera in hand to capture the action and atmosphere.
Sunday November 24, 2013
PezCycling News' lover of vintage vélos, Leslie was boardside at the European track championships in the Netherlands for a spot of modern day racing and machines at Apeldoorn's impressive velodrome. The field was strong, the atmosphere electric and there was even some vintage vélos on display in between races to make it a perfect weekend getaway for Leslie - and Pez-Fans.
Tuesday November 5, 2013
The USA's Guy East, winner of the 2008 UiV Cup for U23 winter track events - with Austin Carroll - has teamed up this year with fellow American Daniel Holloway to take on the tough European six season. We checked in with Guy after their first European effort together this year at the famous Amsterdam Six to see how they got on.
Tuesday December 15, 2009
The rumours have been swirling for months now: the UCI had three heads on the chopping block for the 2012 Olympics in London: the individual pursuit, the points race, and the madison. It seemed like a miserable gossip, but then, this week, the UCI announced the axing of the three. No one from PEZ has even a hundredth of the tie to the track that Ed Hood does, so it seems only appropriate for Mr. Hood to sound the death knell.
Monday October 30, 2006
Ed Hood is at it again as we roll through the middle third of the Grenoble Six. His sleeping hours are comparable to a toddler's age, but his stories are only picking up steam. In this dispatch the the tales are plentiful: from Track God Patrick Sercu, to police chases, to crashes, all the way to Alpe d'Huez.
Monday October 30, 2006
Ed Hood is once again doing the thankless job of Runner at the Grenoble Six, but though it's low paying and the hours endless, can you imagine a better way to get in on the action? Mr. Hood takes us directly into the fray for a recap of Days 1 and 2.