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Monday October 27, 2014
After his charges had some success in the first half of the race in Amsterdam Ed Hood was hoping for more of the same in the back half but instead most of the spoils went to Paris-Roubaix champion, Niki Terpstra. Here's Ed's inside look at the all the goings on from the six day in Amsterdam from the final nights.
Saturday October 25, 2014
Working as a runner for the stars at the Amsterdam Six Day race our journalist Ed Hood is once again embedded deep inside the race. Here's his story from the first half of the race at the velodrome in Amsterdam as we pick up the action on Day 3.
Thursday February 13, 2014
Dukla Prague’s Martin Hacecky is our man in Eastern Europe; a cycling journalist, TV race commentator, professional roadman and winter boards rider. So there are few better people to ask the question of ‘What’s a day in the life of a six day rider really like?’
Thursday February 6, 2014
Copenhagen Six Day 2014: With five riders to look after as a runner at the Copenhagen Six, Ed Hood had his work cut out for him but he still had time to rock out to the music, take a few photos and soak up the atmosphere from inside this famous race.
Sunday February 2, 2014
First two days of the Copenhagen Six day cycling race: The rock 'n' roll carnival that is the European Six scene just finished up in Berlin and before you know it they've packed up again and moved further North into the icy surrounds of Denmark as the big names hit the boards in a frozen Copenhagen. Our runner on the scene Ed Hood checks in after the first two days of action.
Sunday January 12, 2014
First held back in 1936 the Rotterdam Six Day is a classic in the six day cycling scene in more ways than one. The tradition, the hard racing & the entertainment create an atmosphere like no other. PEZ was there trackside to take it all in.
Tuesday November 5, 2013
The USA's Guy East, winner of the 2008 UiV Cup for U23 winter track events - with Austin Carroll - has teamed up this year with fellow American Daniel Holloway to take on the tough European six season. We checked in with Guy after their first European effort together this year at the famous Amsterdam Six to see how they got on.
Sunday March 11, 2012
The Copenhagen Six has been done with for a few weeks now, but the blooming road season turned our heads for a moment. Finally, we get the chance to take a moment to see out the Six Day season in the manner it deserves - from Ed Hood - once again, hard at work. Let's take a look back!
Friday February 10, 2012
Yesterday, you got a taste of the first half of racing in Berlin - today, we take the race to its conclusion. As always, Ed Hood is on the scene working hard, but his camera and pen are never far away. Let's see how the last three days looked through Ed's eyes.
Friday February 10, 2012
The 101st Berlin Six Day Race: The race was first held in 1909 when Americans Floyd McFarlane and Jimmy Moran won a US promoted event. Despite the race not being run during the war years this is the most prolific of all the six days - in 1926 there were three six days held in the city and as recently as 1970 there were two races held. Let's take a closer look!
Friday January 27, 2012
After three nights, the racing was anything but decided. The same theme would continue all the way until the final, sixth, evening. Bremen's racing was a barn-burner in 2012, so let's go back and see how it shook out. Read on!
Thursday January 26, 2012
With the road season making its early start in Australia and Argentina, you could be forgiven for thinking that the winter disciplines are winding down - hardly. This weekend, the Cross World Championships are set to dominate headlines, and through it all, the Six Day train keeps on chugging. This time, Ed is in Bremen to cover all the action, behind the scenes. Let's take a closer look!
Friday January 13, 2012
The Six Day circus has moved on from Rotterdam to Bremen, but before we turn our eyes to Germany, there's a classic six that needs to play out its final two acts in the Netherlands. With four days down, there's only one thing left to do: the finale. Read on for the conclusion of this year's Rotterdam Six!
Tuesday January 10, 2012
PEZ didn’t make day one, but it ended with Franco (Marvellous) Marvulli in the lead, partnered by big strong Dutch GreenEdge recruit, Jens Mouris. Franco is in the PEZ cabin along with Jesper Morkov and a ‘back to the fold’ Alex Rasmussen. Let's head back into the trenches into the singular world of the six day!
Tuesday November 29, 2011
Traditionally, it doesn't get any better than the Gent Six. The racing, the atmosphere, the fans, the music, the history - all of these elements combine to make what's simply the King of Sixes. Of course, Ed Hood was in attendance and hard at work for the final two days of racing. Let's take a closer look!
Friday November 4, 2011
'A 39 ans, il sera le doyen des coureurs engages sur cette edition des 6 jours,' says the programme - the oldest man in the race, Jules Pijourlet is less than half his age. Danny Stam of Alkmaar in Holland, a man who has won 16 six days in his career has decided to call it a day, this will be his last ride here; with his final race being Copenhagen in February. PEZ recently sat down with the Dutchman.
Thursday November 3, 2011
With four days down, the Grenoble Six comes into the final stretch. Two more nights to settle the score, two more nights of full-on racing, two more long, long nights for our man on the scene, Ed Hood, to get through. Let's see what happens in the two deciding evenings of racing!
Tuesday November 1, 2011
Adriano Baffi was in the stade last night, I snapped Duclos Lasalle, but didn't get a shot of the little Italian, he was a dazzling roadman sprinter and top six day man, he won here in Grenoble four times. His face is beaming out from the front of today's Speed Gazette, the race's daily news sheet. I'm finding the rhythm of the race, now - I slept well and didn't stumble too much on the way across the car park to the bakers. The Grenoble Six rolls on...
Sunday October 30, 2011
It's gone midnight, the stands are almost empty and only the hard core drinkers remain at the track centre tables. But just like on the Titanic, the band plays 'til the bitter end - there's no singer this year, just one of many little cost cuttings we've noticed - but as long as Contis and Schwalbes rumble on the hardwood, the boys in the band keep it pumping.
Wednesday March 2, 2011
If you ever decide to promote a six day race there’s a check list you’ll have to go through. Start with a short steep indoor track; the best riders you can afford; food and drink concessions; a cool light show; a good ‘speaker’; maybe some live acts – but one of your key ingredients will be music. A six day final chase with no music would be unthinkable – be it live jazz in Grenoble, 70’s disco in Gent or funky trombones in Rotterdam, you need ‘sounds.’ Enter Peter Traynor.