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Tuesday December 15, 2015
Toolbox: Cycling fatigue, like love, is a many-splendoured thing. We have all been drop-dead tired at the end of a race, hard climb, or interval workout. But are all these types of fatigue the same thing, or do they affect your body in different ways?
Tuesday September 22, 2015
The days are getting shorter, the big events have passed, and our attention is turning to preparation for next season. Cyclists and endurance athletes are entering the rest and transition phase that marks the start of off-season training. And as we all know, the proper design and execution of this off-season phase pays big dividends later in the season.
Tuesday July 30, 2013
Whether training or stage racing, recovery is the name of the game. Many tools and tricks have been used to maximize recovery, including the chilly prospect of cold-water immersion. Does a post-ride dip really help with cycling recovery?
Tuesday April 14, 2009
Tornado Tommeke left a real path of destruction through Northern France this past Sunday. Whether first or last to the velodrome, the pounding of the cobbles are simply relentless. What are some ideas in how to recover from such a beating, and is cold water immersion effective in aiding muscle recovery?
Tuesday June 19, 2007
Cycling has a very long season and the demands on athletes can be extreme given: weather conditions, potential for injury, and for most of us, balancing our work lives with being athletes. This month, we asked pros Aaron Olsen (T-Mobile) and Dario Cioni (Predictor-Lotto) who just finished a small race called the Giro, a couple questions about their mid-season break.
Tuesday March 27, 2007
With the 2007 race season in full gear, we thought we would go back to one of the basic essentials of a solid training program and examine some of the things you can do help facilitate optimal recovery after races and harder training days. How important is rest and recovery? Simply put, we gain fitness as a result of training and not as we are training.