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Wednesday July 15, 2015
Not only cycling at the Monte Grappa Cycling. The granfondo around Monte Grappa scheduled on Sunday July 26, that takes off from Seren del Grappa, is an unmissable event for all cycling lovers but also for foodies.
Wednesday July 8, 2015
The Monte Grappa Cycling race goes live. Sunday, July 26, from the square of Seren del Grappa will take off the second edition of the granfondo of Mount Grappa, featuring two different routes designed by the cartographer of the Giro d'Italia, Stefano di Santo.
Wednesday June 17, 2015
The company which sales energy products of the Ascopiave group, since a decade firmly rooted in the territory of Belluno and all over the Veneto region, has decided to support the second edition of the Monte Grappa Cycling race, this year scheduled on July 26.
Sunday May 17, 2015
The second edition of the Monte Grappa Cycling is scheduled on Sunday July 26, with start and finish fixed in the town of Seren del Grappa (province of Belluno).
Friday April 24, 2015
Seren del Grappa (Belluno), April 24, 2015 - Only 3 months left up to the Monte Grappa Cycling, scheduled on Sunday July 26, starting and finishing in Seren del Grappa (province of Belluno).
Wednesday April 8, 2015
Less than four months until the take off of the second edition of the Monte Grappa Cycling, anticipated this year to the 26th of July, during the "warmest" period of scheduled races.
Monday December 15, 2014
Lots of news for the second edition of the Monte Grappa Cycling: shift of the race in July, new routes designed by Stefano Di Santo, cartographer of the Giro d'Italia and special promotions developed by the Organizing Committee thanks to the experience gained from the Dolomiti Classic of Arabba.
Tuesday July 15, 2014
The organizing committee for Monte Grappa Cycling really pays a lot of attention to its participants, since they want to guarantee the maximum safety on both routes (the long 114 km and the short 57.9 km) and allow everyone to finish the race in the best way possible.
Wednesday June 11, 2014
Special price for all the riders of the Gran Fondo Sportful Dolomiti Race. The calendar of the granfondo races is enriched by a new appointment at the end of the summer: the Monte Grappa Cycling, a challenging race for two-wheel lovers that on Sunday, September 7 will take cyclists and amateurs to face the up-hill climb of the Mount Grappa, tackled this year by the Giro d'Italia with an up-hill time trial.
Monday November 7, 2011
Generally, the word stereotype conjures up negative images. Fair enough, but on the flip side, there are those happy stereotypes - like the Italian grandmother for instance (or German, American, whatever) - here, eat more, you're all skin and bones - have some more sugary deliciousness. It's the stereotype we all love to roll our eyes to, but on a hot Sunday in July, it was the stereotype that saved the day.
Saturday May 22, 2010
Roadside St. 14:What started as a failed attempt to climb a mountain, ended up with PEZ taking a trip to the tailors to see about a custom fitting. Sounds strange, but bear with us as Matt takes over Roadside duties as the Giro d'Italia heads into the mountains.