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  • Tuesday August 4, 2015

    TDFR 2014 - stage -21

    As with all competitive sports, there is also a risk for injury in competitive bicycling. The patterns of injury in bicycling are unique since exposures include high speed, obstacles like cyclists, pedestrians and motor vehicles, and unpredictable road, environmental and weather conditions.

  • Tuesday March 10, 2015


    One of the most common overuse bicycling injuries involves the knee. Chondromalacia patella, patellar and quadriceps tendinitis and patellofemoral pain syndrome are common diagnoses of anterior knee in competitive cyclists.

  • Tuesday November 18, 2014

    Milano-Sanremo 2013

    It’s a razor-thin line that we as athletes walk between being extremely lean and fit on the one edge, and the precipice of overtraining and increased risk of infections and illness on the other. With flu season upon us, what should we be considering about maintaining our off-season health?

  • Tuesday October 7, 2014

    Cor Vos Archives

    Bicyclists often suffer from pain, numbness and tingling in their hands and fingers. There can be an associated feeling of weakness of hand grip or clumsiness of the hand. These symptoms have been called “Cyclist’s Palsy” or “Handlebar Palsy”.

  • Tuesday July 1, 2014

    Ster ZLM Tour 2013 stage - 4

    Artery narrowing is very uncommon in other-wise healthy young people. However, male cyclists were probably the first competitive athletes to be identified to have narrowing of external iliac artery, which is know as external iliac artery endofibrosis (EIAE), as a cause of leg weakness.

  • Tuesday April 29, 2014


    Ahhhhh - it’s spring-time once again. Especially for those living in northern climates, the weather is warming up, the snow is off the roads and it’s time to enjoy riding outside. But it’s also time for local flora to come out of their winter hibernation and re-activate seasonal allergies - here's some help.

  • Tuesday July 2, 2013


    Given that propelling a bicycle requires the transfer of power from the legs through the feet to the pedals, it is not uncommon for cyclist to experience pain, numbness and/or tingling in forefoot area. A common cause of forefoot symptoms in cyclists is an inter-digital or Morton’s neuroma.

  • Monday July 23, 2012

    Exercise-induced bronchospasm (EIB) is a common clinical syndrome which is caused by temporary airway narrowing following exercise. EIB occurs in 12-15% of the otherwise asymptomatic general population, 30-40% of those with allergies and 90% of asthmatics.

  • Tuesday May 29, 2012

    Accidents and crashing is a hopefully infrequent occurrence in cycling, but when it does occur, care must be taken in the process of getting back out on the bike again. Beyond bike inspection along with caring for road rash and other obvious physical issues, the biggest issue is to make sure the head and brain are OK, and that means peering into the emerging science of concussions…

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