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Wednesday November 16, 2016
Look Cycles always presents a truly unique take on road bike frame designs and technology. From the tall headtube and steep sloping top tube of the 795, to the ultralite 765 all-road, to their R96 track bike - the French brand displayed some of the most beautiful bikes at the show.
Monday June 20, 2016
2016 marks the 30th anniversary of the LOOK brand’s first victory at the Tour de France with the KG 86 frame, ridden by Greg Lemond.
Thursday September 3, 2015
Bikes, bikes and more bikes. Eurobike is the biggest bike show in the world and today we look at some of the best and brightest machines on display from Germany with new models from LOOK, Canyon, DeRosa & Nevi plus a host of WorldTour bikes direct from the peloton.
Friday August 14, 2015
Today's Readers' Rig is a look at one of the most innovative designs in the modern peloton, the LOOK 795. One man who has fallen completely for its unique style is PEZ fan, Peter from California and today he shows us his 795 decked out with Dura Ace Di2, ENVE wheels and more.
Wednesday June 3, 2015
LOOK is happy to announce its partnership alongside MASERATI for PARIS-MODENA™ that will take place from 4th to 9 th July 2015.
Thursday December 18, 2014
Copies of LOOK 695 frames are being offered for sale in Asia and Europe.
Monday September 1, 2014
Eurobike, it's the biggest bike show in the world and once again PEZ was there in Germany checking out all the latest gear. Today we have a closer look at some of the beautiful bikes on display from LOOK, Cinelli, Ridley, Canyon, Scappa, Caterham and more.
Wednesday August 6, 2014
LOOK have a long history of innovation and their latest bike, the 795 Aerolight which was just launched is surely the most innovative bike yet from the French team. Aero, light, responsive and totally unique with its 11 patents this is a bike that has been designed as 'The best aero road bike ever made'. PEZ was there at the launch in Paris to check it out and then take it for a ride to put those claims to the test.
Friday January 10, 2014
Do you have a LOOK 675? Tell us what you think about your bike, contribute to the next mini-site devoted to our LOOK 675 bike, on-line as from February, and win one of these many prizes in the final draw.
Thursday June 20, 2013
Cranking out the in depth gear reviews we've become famous for takes more hours than you'd guess, but there's a lot of cool gear that comes across the desk that's actually better served in small bites like the new TDF range of Tees from Apres Velo, LOOK's Keo 2 Max pedals in limited edition colors and Tate Lab's Bar Fly 2.0 Garmin mount.
Monday January 28, 2013
The KEO FLEX is a budget priced, lightweight clipless pedal that has a lot of people talking about its one-piece body and lever design. It's another new patent by LOOK that’s worth a closer look by PEZ.
Monday October 5, 2009
More from the shores of Treasure Island, this round brings a look at the latest from Look Cycles, chunks of hunks from Bonk Breaker, a feather in Cane Creek's cap, and slick skins from Twin-Six...
Monday April 28, 2008
The newest ride from French brand LOOK is their 586 Origin – it’s mono-bloc carbon frame is the lightest in the line, and the whole package is sexy, great riding, and priced relatively affordably. While weight has been reduced, ride quality has not been sacrificed – that is if you want a bike you can ride all day and still feel comfortable on.
Wednesday February 21, 2007
The course profile promised the best day of racing and the best chance for a non-bunch finish: 152 km from Stockton to San Jose, two KOM climbs and the race's hardest ascent, the 4 mile (6km) grind up Sierra Road - a perfect day to test LOOK 595 and find just how tough the parcours are.
Monday September 19, 2005
Veltec Sports kit out a 585 with a combo of Easton and Look gear (favorites of ours anyhoo) and toss it at Pez. Not a tough catch as, although we pulled off a few weight weenie parts that had the test bike at 13 and change, the bike still kicked in at the UCI minimum. But weight is never the best measure of a bike, so we thought we best actually ride it.