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Wednesday October 29, 2014
Interbike, organizers of The IBD Summit, is set to launch the 2015 event with a new location, a new date, a new format and a new agenda.
Tuesday October 11, 2011
More from Interbike 2011. Met finally lands (almost), Lazer's Magneto armless glasses, SRAM's Moto, Sidi has sole, and Heads Up!
Tuesday November 24, 2009
Hell no, we're not done with Interbike. Bottom line, there's too much stuff to try and cram it all in to a week or two. What was the coolest thing this year? It's inside... along with a lot of cool stuff from Serotta, Capo, Scicon, Sidi, Genuine Innovations, and TRP Brakes.
Monday October 5, 2009
More from the shores of Treasure Island, this round brings a look at the latest from Look Cycles, chunks of hunks from Bonk Breaker, a feather in Cane Creek's cap, and slick skins from Twin-Six...
Tuesday September 29, 2009
So we're back from Interbike 2009. The hangover is very nearly gone, the feet are not close to normal, the back is still sore, but nothing itches and no rash! Here are a few of the neat things...
Thursday November 8, 2007
Digging through the vast PEZ photo files is never a quick task – like pulling on a thread that leads you all over a Thursday afternoon… Our Interbike 07 files are bulging with stuff worthy of a look and comment… so here’s more cool stuff you should see, as deemed so by PEZ.
Monday October 16, 2006
Part three from the floor brings Kuota’s weight weenie treat, Seven's Carbon, some new brakes and Pinarello’s trackie, along with some of the Chow options, and the latest Scott on a diet…
Friday October 6, 2006
As the bike industry emerges from the Interbike brain-fog, more tech treats percolate to the top. Here's part 2 of our look at cool gear from Las Vegas for 06-07, with a few seat treats, shoes for you, and maybe even a bike or two!
Sunday October 1, 2006
Vegas this year was not piled full of genuine innovation (but there is some). What it did bring us was some new Next Gen gear from a few of the top dogs, as well as a couple of new things from new guys… It’ll take us a few articles so the pictures don’t run on, but we’ll give you a good sized batch rather than spread it too thin…
Sunday September 24, 2006
The last thing we can manage before Interbike 2006 is another quickie preview. All this stuff will be shot to the high heavens in every publication in cycling over the next week or so, so here’s the last of our First Looks at next year’s gear.
Tuesday September 19, 2006
Another in front of the show / behind the scene look at what Interbike 06 will be showing your favorite retailers for 07'. This time Feet First…