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Saturday December 12, 2015
Sifting through the PEZ archives I stumbled upon my day at the stage 4 Team Time Trial at the 2010 d'Italia from Savigliano to Cuneo - a gorgeous event in the foothills of the Alps that was worth an upgrade to our big wide format.
Friday February 13, 2015
Over a lifetime of cycling the roads of our sport, a few stand out: the fun ones, the beautiful ones, and the brutal ones - where you suffer like you never knew possible. Riding your bike up the Mortirolo in Northern Italy is all three, and ranks up there with the Stelvio and Gavia as epic climbs one must do.
Sunday January 16, 2011
Best Of PEZ 2010: The Giro finale in Verona was the first time I’d seen a grand tour conclude in such a magnificent setting, where an ancient Roman stadium was filled with thousands of fans cheering for two-wheeled gladiators. I was backstage as the final clock stopped and the awards were presented. I’ve never seen anything like it…
Sunday November 7, 2010
With the 2011 Giro d'Italia making a triumphant return to the Dolomiti by way of the massive climbs of both the Giau and the Fedaia, we figured this would be a good time to look back at the Pez's own experience on the stern slopes of the Fedaia...and we'll throw in the Pordoi for good measure.
Wednesday June 16, 2010
Giro Roadside Wrap: The curtain fell on this Giro a few weeks ago, but as I’ve learned over the years, as the days tick by the memories of even my worst day seem better, and I simply can't wait for next year's race. And with daily deadlines and transfers, we have precious little time to distill an entire day’s adventure into 1500 words and 20 photos to share with you readers. Here’s a couple more stories that are at least worth a look, and that second cup of coffee…
Wednesday June 9, 2010
The Giro is over – but what’s it like to do ride and finish your first one? We asked that very question to Saxo Bank’s Michael Morkov at his Luxembourg home
Wednesday June 9, 2010
At PEZ, we look forward to reader submissions, even moreso when it's a story about following our favorite Grand Tour with lifetime Distraction in tow. Craig Gartland was lucky enough to enjoy the Giro's ninth stage, which took in the mighty Monte Grappa. Here's his story.
Thursday June 3, 2010
Roadside PEZ: The team bus is the home away from home for the riders on Tour. Every night a new hotel room, every day a new start town and a different finish location, but with the bus along for the ride, they know that there will always be a warm shower, a hot coffee, some great music and the chance to relax in comfort on the short or (more often than not) long transfer to the umpteenth new hotel of the race.
Tuesday June 1, 2010
Roadside St. 7: Maybe I don't have the words, perhaps it needs one of the old time journos, a JB Wadley or a Marcel de Leener - they could express things in the terms required for an epic such as this. But at the same time, whilst the organizers have created a grand spectacle, a saga out of Norse Legend, is it still sport? Does it go beyond that to sadism or freak show?
Tuesday June 1, 2010
Roadside St. 21B: Sunday’s Giro finale in Verona was the first time I’d seen a grand tour conclude in such a magnificent setting, where an ancient Roman stadium was filled with thousands of fans cheering for two-wheeled gladiators. I was backstage as the final clock stopped and the awards were presented. I’ve never seen anything like it…
Monday May 31, 2010
Roadside Greatest Hits: I decided to be there. With all those people, on the hills where Marco Pantani was training. At any turn you can hear his breath – that’s what the locals like to say. It was cloudy but didn’t rain, was exiting and exhausting. If you want to know more it’s the right time to discover the Pirate’s roads.
Sunday May 30, 2010
Roadside St. 21: The Giro has just wrapped (minutes ago) – and I’ll go on record as saying this has been one of my best days ever at the race. Too much happened for just one report, so I’m gonna get it started with how this amazing day took shape…
Sunday May 30, 2010
Surely it’s a done deal and Ivan Basso can claim he has redeemed himself, returning from his two years on the naughty step to pull on the final overall ‘maglia rosa’ of the 2010 Giro d’Italia? The only major issue to tidy up on this time trial tour of Verona’s finest sights was the third podium place …
Saturday May 29, 2010
Roadside St. 20: As we’ve seen so often on this Giro, the best laid plans often become merely a starting point for a daily adventure unimaginanable just the night before. After yesterday’s leg-busting day riding 6+ hours over the steepest roads I know, today became a welcome ‘car-day’ in the mountains around Bormio.
Saturday May 29, 2010
Today could have been a day of monumental overall changes with some of the hardest climbs of this year’s Giro d’Italia. Vino and Sastre were out to shake things up, but in the end most of the action was saved for the last climb of the day and race. Brave Swiss Rider Johann Tschopp soloed to victory as Evans took the bull by the horns behind. The fat lady has sung!
Friday May 28, 2010
Roadside St. 19: That was one hard stage. The kind that conjures up long lists of Rainman-like repeated swear words in your head as you grind and grapple your way over the kind of super-hard climbs only the Giro serves up. At least it was for me as I rode the final 85 kms of today’s corsa…
Friday May 28, 2010
A brutal couple of days on tap in the Giro, as today's 1-2 punch of the Trevigno and Mortirolo climbs, followed by the summit finish of the Aprica were sure to put the hurt on the riders and shake up the GC. Michele Scarponi hung on to the lead group to the stage win, while Basso gained enough time for pink.
Thursday May 27, 2010
It’s pretty straightforward today, in as much as a 156km stage can be after the wind, rain, heat, cobbles, transfers, crashes, stress and nearly three weeks of Giro d’Italia mayhem. There’s a bit of a climb out of the start town, Levico Terme, and after that it’s all downhill to the finish in Brescia, barring a couple of lumps and bumps.
Thursday May 27, 2010
Roadside Stage 17: Today's 17th stage from Brunico to Peio Terme is one of three big climbing days remaining in this year's Giro d'Italia. After a few changes and some time gains in yesterday's TT, it was into the start village to see what those in the know, thought it all meant.
Wednesday May 26, 2010
After two pieces of mountain madness bread with a filler of rest day gone by, the beaten and weary souls of the 2010 Giro d'Italia were gifted an easy day, well, as easy as you can get for northern Italy.