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Friday March 25, 2016
During the Tour de France in 1971, Eddy Merckx won the race to Strasbourg, which ended with a hard-fought sprint on a gravel track. This is why our new gravel bike has been christened the 'Strasbourg71'.
Tuesday June 11, 2013
In 1904, the founder of the Tour de France lamented, "The Tour is finished. It has died of its success, of the blind passions that it unleashed, the abuse and the dirty suspicions." Now as the Tour achieves its 100th edition this month, Tour de France 100 celebrates the world's greatest sporting spectacle.
Saturday June 1, 2013
PEZ caught up with Daniel Friebe, author of ‘Eddy Merckx – The Cannibal’, to talk about the book and the difficulties of writing about Merckx, as well as nostalgia in cycling, doping (of course), and gladioli.
Friday November 9, 2012
As someone who has a bookshelf groaning with volumes dedicated to a certain now-non-Tour de France-winning Texan, it has always seemed odd to me that books dedicated to the greatest racing cyclist ever are fairly scarce in English, or pretty much any other language. There is an old joke that the only famous Belgians anyone can name are Hercule Poirot and Tintin and both are fictitious but not only has Belgium produced celebrated cyclists (and, in fact, many notable people in other fields) but it has given us the best one of all: Edouard Louis Joseph Merckx. “Merckx 525” is the welcome new book from Velopress that gives us his accomplishments in visual form.