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Wednesday December 16, 2009
It is said that a cat burglar designs the best security system and for this reason, Bike Pure sought the reformed doper, Joe Papp, to help us to talk about his checkered past and define solutions for the problem our wonderful sport has with drugs. Read on!
Thursday June 5, 2008
Say Arrivederci to the Giro as it’s almost Bonjour to Le Tour. We’ve got the latest on the ASO/UCI punch-up as well as the tune up events in Luxembourg and France. Stateside, it’s Philly and a full-up Nature Valley as well as Johan serving up some bedtime reading. It’s a global ET and it’s full today.
Tuesday August 22, 2006
One of the most famous names in the anti-dope crusade is ex-pro Paul Kimmage, who’s 1990 book ‘Rough Ride’ was one of the first to blatantly expose doping in pro cycling. Now a successful journalist with the Sunday Times of London, PEZ was curious to hear his thoughts about the Landis affair.