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California08: PEZ Rides the Prologue!
Pez takes you to the battlefield with a pre-ride around the short and fast Prologue course, set to start in mere hours! This 2.1 mile (3.4km) jaunt will take the riders down University Avenue in the heart of Palo Alto, cross under highway 82, then onto the campus of Stanford University. Here's a look...

It’s flat, it’s short, and it’s FAST. And to boot, it’s incredibly spectator friendly. The “Stanford Loop” on campus will provide a 360 view for fans to watch racers hurtle around on their way to the finish.

The race starts on in a northerly fashion on Hamilton Ave, takes one block worth of left on Cowper, then mounts University Ave, where it screams southward, entering Stanford University’s palm tree lined campus.

Riders will be going all out to gain the coveted yellow jersey, and in a race so short and so flat, it favors the power riders. Guys like Levi and Cancellara should fare well on this course, but if anyone suffers the slightest mishap, it will be impossible to stay in the running.

We’re just hours away from the start of the Amgen Tour of California, and brother, it’s going to be hot action. Stay tuned to Pez for all the inside stuff you don’t find anywhere else…

And a note to Palo Alto: thanks for the love. It’s an honor to wear the kit, and it’s an honor to have so many folks say hi and pass on their love of PEZ. It’s all about the passion folks. You see any of us walking around the race, please do stop and say hello! We love Palo Alto!

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