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Thursday December 22, 2016
The email from PEZ-Fan Mike C. was a good reminder as he asked when this year's Negroni Report was coming. So may I present three different negroni experiences in three different places - Milan, the French hamlet of Saint-Pierre-d'Albigny, and Geneva, that mark some standout moments of imbibing.
Thursday December 31, 2015
This is one video I've been wanting to make for a long time - and ringing in the New Year seemed like as good an excuse as any to dig out the handycam and add my own two cents to the 'more popular than ever' ongoing narrative about my favorite cocktail - the negroni.
Sunday July 19, 2015
For once our man Ed Hood's holidays didn't involve bicycles - but they did involve bars. When the Pezmeister first heard Ed was off to parts foreign he thought it would be a good opportunity for our intrepid journo to sample Negronis across the globe - but. . .
Sunday June 7, 2015
It's Negroni Week across the land (at least that's what they're saying on the interweb), but as I replied to the PEZ-Fans who pointed this out... it's always Negroni Week at PEZ HQ. So what a perfect time to look back at my best negronis of the 2015 Giro d'Italia.
Friday December 12, 2014
Every negroni has a story - some begin the moment the orange elixer touches my lips, others connect me to another point in time. And while mixing and drinking at home affords the luxury to adjust the recipe to perfection, sometimes it's the location that pins a memory to my mental cork board. A recent trip to Italy set the ideal backdrop for my best negronis of 2014.
Friday February 21, 2014
Tequila is an awesome drink – it means “party on!” in every language, has a mystique that attracts the ladies, it makes you look like a bad boy, while delivering a taste, tingle and buzz of sophisticated flavors that are best appreciated with some age – it’s the perfect drink for guys like us.
Friday July 26, 2013
It’s one of my favorite articles to write, and while my year is filled with daily and varied libations, I never tire of a drink I’ve championed here for several years now – it’s Negroni time on PEZ- !
Wednesday May 8, 2013
ROADSIDE St. 5: “Sempre Dritto” – ‘always forward’ makes a good translation. When used correctly, it’s a sign of confidence, direction, and success, but these same watchwords can also lead you to places you never expected.
Thursday November 15, 2012
I drank a lot of negronis this year – and what better way to relive the hilights than looking back through an ice filled glass of the capricious cocktail to some of the best moments - a satisfying mix of exotic locales, good friends, and even new tastes. May I present to you, some of my Top Negronis in 2012.
Friday December 30, 2011
Best of PEZ: Ever since we’d pulled the trigger on the big family adventure of 2010 – heading to Italy for 6+ weeks of living ‘la dolce vita’, I’d had it in my mind to take Mrs. Pez to ‘Barolino’ in the tiny town of Levanto on Italy’s Ligurian coast, to meet my new best bud Marco.
Tuesday June 21, 2011
I’m finally dug out from booking cars and sorting our TDF coverage, with just enough time to sort the last of my favorite and as yet unseen memories from this year’s Giro. And one thing that is never disappoints about the Giro - is the food.
Monday January 24, 2011
I had it in mind to take Mrs. Pez to ‘Barolino’ in the tiny town of Levanto on Italy’s Ligurian coast, to meet my new best bud Marco, ever since we’d pulled the trigger on the big family adventure of 2010 – heading to Italy for 6+ weeks of living ‘la dolce vita’.
Sunday December 12, 2010
After any adventure to cover the great races of our sport, there’s always one story I can’t wait to write – about an experience so amazing, that it must be shared – with as many people as possible. The telling and retelling takes me back to a moment that passed all too quickly, but left an impression that both surprised me by its intensity, and also restored some faith in human nature.
Thursday June 19, 2008
Anyone who tagged along on my Giro adventures will know of my deep affinity for the Negroni – the apertivo ‘classissimo’ that is best sipped on a hot evening in Roma, although any Italian piazza will do almost as well, and in fact a warm day or eve just a slight thirst in any part of the world will still deliver a desired dose of ‘la vida Italiana’.
Thursday November 23, 2006
I have long-held that neither modern man (nor modern Pez-man) can live by sports drinks alone. Regular readers of PEZCycling will know I love my spirits, and enjoy sampling the local offerings at each and every bike race I attend. A few years ago I discovered the ‘Negroni’ – a classic Italian cocktail related (albeit distantly) to the martini - it’s the perfect cocktail to toast the holidays and celebrate a season… any season.