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Tuesday May 21, 2013
We know that success in cycling is built on a variety of factors from nutrition to aerodynamics, training to talent. Today we look at the role of the foot in cycling and the nuances of the foot / pedal interface that are trying to rob you of speed.
Tuesday January 17, 2012
Train. Recover. Repeat. This is the accepted model for success. While many athletes have a firm grasp on what “training” is, recovery is less well understood, and certainly less well applied. This is perhaps more true in the amateur population, where limited training time begets high intensity efforts and a mindset of always being behind in one's preparation. Perhaps a better model is Train Specifically, Recover Maximally, Repeat When Prepared! So, let’s talk recovery…
Tuesday February 16, 2010
You lay in bed wide awake. Anticipation, fear, and excitement serve to keep you from that essential ‘good night’s sleep’ before a big competition. But what is the performance cost of missing sleep? More importantly, what are the benefits of getting adequate sleep and how can you begin to bridge the gap that almost surely exists between your sleep requirements and your sleep habits?