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Monday June 27, 2016
Here's a selection of Reader emails and messages that offer up some real world commentary on how well we do our jobs. Thanks to everyone who took time to drop us a line. - Pez
Monday August 27, 2012
It’s the biggest response we’ve had in 10 years of PEZ – and the letters continue to pour in from readers on all sides of the Lance affair. Lance has always been a great topic for reader response, but Ed Hood’s Comment certain has readers’ keyboards aclatter with opinion.
Thursday October 6, 2011
It’s been way too long since we last spilled forth the contents of our burgeoning Mailbag, so I climbed into the hip-waders, pulled on the industrial goggles, and found some self-serving specimens for your time wasting pleasure…
Friday January 15, 2010
What's a Friday without a little back-o-the-bunch banter? It's been far too long since we sent the PEZ-Probe deep into the digital abyss lovingly known as our Mailbag - and like every mission to explore uncharted lands, you just never know what you'll find...
Friday November 20, 2009
It’s been a while since we last pulled on the hip waders, industrial gloves & goggles, but with the top of the Mailbag bubbly over, we had no choice but to wade in. And regardless of pungentry, there’s no better way to kill a few minutes of company time than a gander at the goo we choose for you… Dear Readers, we present for your viewing enjoyment – the MailBag!
Saturday June 28, 2008
It’s been a busy Spring here at PEZ HQ – and our extra hours of head down turns on the front have payed off with readership going over 300,000 of you for each of the last two months – and that means the ol’ Mailbag is ready to read…
Wednesday February 20, 2008
It’s not uncommon that our editorials strike a note with many readers, but in the case of our recent comment on the ASO and the UCI’s less than acceptable running of the sport and it’s major properties, we appear to have struck a "crank it up to 11, power up the wall of Marshalls, and fasten your seatbelts power chord" of response from cycling fans across the land.
Monday August 13, 2007
Nothing opens up the email lines like a good comment on doping, and Ed Hood’s plan for rider rehab sparked off a toasty blaze of opinions from all directions. We toss in some overdue Tour mail and comments on our ToolBox – and it’s the fattest mailbag ever!
Monday June 18, 2007
It’s been too darn long since we opened up the ol’ PEZ MailBag. So on a sloppy Monday, I’m digging deep to offer up a selection of the finest in reader-written comments from the past few months… these are good!
Tuesday November 14, 2006
It’s been a long while since we last opened up the ol’ PEZ MailBag. But like a festering fermenting bag of blab, the savoury sack spewed forth a tangy tangle of tastey tidbits from readers just like you – but who actually took the time to send us a letter!
Wednesday August 9, 2006
I’ve been trying to come up with a PEZ-worthy comment on the whole dope/Puerto/Floyd mess, but with the number of impassioned emails that are landing each day, it seems PEZ Readers have already got it covered…
Thursday August 3, 2006
We should be relaxing on a sunny ride, satisfied that July was one of the best Tours ever, but not one cycling fan I know is in high spirits. Our feelings run from disbelief, to sympathy, to disappointment and even complete rejection… Of course I speak of the current dope scandal, and it’s been the big topic in MailBag…
Thursday July 6, 2006
Ahh the MailBag – just because we’re ‘tкte deep’ in le Tour, doesn’t mean we don’t read the mail! Besides, the build-up of interesting epistles should make an excellent diversion from things like ‘work’ – so grab a coffee and click on in…