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Giro dell'Emilia 2016
Bern - Suisse  - wielrennen - cycling - radsport - cyclisme - Peter Sagan (SLK-Tinkoff) and his teammates taking a break from training at Lake Thun and drinking a Rivella    pictured during Restday 2 of the 2016 Tour de France in Bern, Switserland - photo JdM/PN/Cor Vos © 2016
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London - England - wielrennen - cycling - radsport - cyclisme - Bradley Wiggins (GBR) pictured during Time Trial TT - contre le montre zeittfahren - tijdrit - tijdrijden elite men Olympic Games 2012 - foto Cor Vos ©2012 *** local caption *** 00907064
Giro dell'Emilia 2016
Geraardsbergen - Belgium - wielrennen - cycling - radsport - cyclisme - Niki Terpstra (Netherlands / Team Etixx - Quick Step) pictured during  Eneco Tour stage -7 - UCI World Tour) from Bornem to Geraardsbergen - photo Tim van Wichelen/Cor Vos © 2016
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  • Friday October 3, 2014


    The signature climb of the Giro di Lombardia summits at the famous Madonna del Ghisallo church, high above Lake Como in Northern Italy. This tiny 'chiesa' is home to the Patron Saint of Cyclists, and is a must see on any trip to the region...

  • Saturday October 5, 2013


    Race Preview: With the 2013 Giro di Lombardia taking place this Sunday we thought it was worth a closer look at the circuit of the 'Climber's Classic' with the three legendary climbs: the Valcava, Sormano, and Ghisallo all capped off by one, small, beast of a final ramp: Villa Vergano.

  • Friday October 4, 2013


    Sometimes you gotta point the car at the cliff and give ‘er some stick. Okay, maybe heading out for an awesome solo ride may not be quite the same... but sometimes heading into the unknown is best approached with a ‘give ‘er’ attitude, and as I once again learned on this awesome ride around Lago di Como, the rewards can be worthy of a lifetime.

  • Thursday November 15, 2012

    PEZ-Man Corey Fox's recent Lombardia weekend took some unexpected turns, but the expected good times came through with great weather, a top ride with an ex-pro, and a memorable weekend of '7s' at the Hotel Il Perlo on Lake Como.

  • Thursday September 27, 2012

    Race Preview: With the 2012 Giro di Lombardia taking place this Saturday we thought it was worth a closer look at the circuit of the 'Climber's Classic' with the three legendary climbs: the Valcava, Sormano, and Ghisallo all capped off by one, small, beast of a final ramp: Villa Vergano.

  • Thursday August 23, 2012

    I first reported on this gem a few years back when the Mrs. Pez & I discovered it on a trip to Lago di Como. It’s ideally located on the climb of the Madonna del Ghisallo, and makes a perfect base for any holiday, but even better for the Giro di Lombardia – which passes right by. This year guests can enjoy a weekend of riding, racing, and Italian life on the lake with ’96 Olympic Gold medallist Silvio Marinello.

  • Monday October 17, 2011

    After two weeks of early wake ups and diapers, my wife Natalia gives me the green light: “Ok then, watch your race but come back early”. Even if the “come back early” part could have very different interpretations I catch the opportunity and I leave so early in the morning from my home that she has no chance to fix a return hour time. At the end, as Pez in person wrote me on Friday night, that’s for sure what baby Mario would want me to do. Here's how the day went...

  • Tuesday October 11, 2011

    The Giro di Lombardia was born in 1905, and Giovanni Gerbi – called the red devil – was the first winner. The story of his break – planned in a devilish way, and realized with so much strength – has become a well known legend, which has the taste of a fable both ingenious and malicious.

  • Monday October 18, 2010

    Roadside Report: 07.00: the alarm blasts, but it's not too painful, only two grappas last night. La Gazzetta Dello Sport tells us that it's the 104th edition of the Giro di Lombardia with "196 corridori di 25 nazioni e di 25 squadre." It's time for one last Monument, one last big race for 2010. Read on!

  • Friday October 15, 2010

    For every up, there's a down, and when it comes to the Giro di Lombardia, they have a penchant for picking climbs that require as much talent to get down off the mountain as they do to get to the top. The Colma di Sormano proudly carries on the tradition...

  • Friday October 15, 2010

    For 2010, the organizers of the Giro di Lombardia threw the riders a bit of a curveball: they reintroduced a long slumbering climb to the route of the Race of the Falling Leaves, the Colma di Sormano. We checked it out today. Read on!

  • Sunday October 18, 2009

    It all happens so fast, on the day; autostrada, sign-on, satnavs, pictures, maps, notes, ferries, more pictures, TV, BlackBerry, wi-fi, editing, captioning, SEND - when did we last eat? But the morning after, there's time to reflect, think about the fact that you were part of history for the day.

  • Sunday October 18, 2009

    Roadside PEZ: One last time for 2009 that is! The Race of the Falling Leaves is one of the best all season, so of course we had our Man in the Trenches, Ed Hood, on the scene accompanied by longtime pal, Dave. Ed takes us along for one more Roadside PEZ to round out 2009. Enjoy!

  • Sunday October 26, 2008

    I've been a part of many races on PEZ, but almost entirely behind the scenes, never at the race. That all changed when I got my first call to on-site race reportage, and you better believe I was excited. The following is my wild and wonderful trip through Lombardia. Read on!

  • Friday October 24, 2008

    Before every big race, there's a show, not quite an intentional show that you buy tickets to go see and be entertained, but one of the more interesting spectacles you can stumble on in sport. Want to brush shoulders with the World Champ or chat with your favorite rider? Go to a starting area! PEZ-Man Jered Gruber was on the scene in Varese.

  • Friday October 17, 2008

    It's gray and raining here in Vancouver - typical fall/winter - perfect to start dreaming about next year's cycling trips! A signature climb of the Giro di Lombardia is the famous Madonna del Ghisallo church, high above Lake Como in Northern Italy. This tiny 'chiesa' is home to the Patron Saint of Cyclists, and is a must see on any trip to the region...

  • Friday October 17, 2008

    You can't fully appreciate the Race of the Falling Leaves without a closeup look at the climb to the fabled Madonna del Ghisallo church above the steep & picturesque shores of Lake Como in northern Italy. The deciding move often starts on this tough ascent, and for any fan, it's a ride you gotta do…

  • Tuesday October 14, 2008

    Lombardia Preview: Utter confusion was the look on my face when Alessandro handed me the old newspaper and said it was a gift. Upon closer inspection, I realized I was holding the official program of the 1952 Giro di Lombardia – in mint condition! Once I got over the shock that such a treasure still existed – I couldn’t wait to share it with PEZ-Fans…

  • Thursday October 26, 2006

    We all dream of what it would be like to be a real-live pro, cruising along the roads of Italy with a police escort, neutral service vehicles and designated feed zones. The Italians call ‘em ‘fondos’ – and forget what you’ve heard about Italian organization – they know how to do it right when it comes to these cyclosportif rides…

  • Wednesday October 18, 2006

    In yet another case of politics spoiling the fun, both riders and fans were screwed out of a podium ceremony after the 100th Giro di Lombardia last Saturday, all because of the continued bickering between race organizers RCS and the UCI. PEZ-Man Alessandro Federico was knee-deep in the hoopla as confusion and tempers flared at the finish…

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