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Sunday October 20, 2013
So many hilites, so little time… There’s not much in Italy that does not involve food – and good eating is as much part of their cultural experience as it is nutritious and tastey. I ate a lot of great food in the last two weeks, but one meal stood out above the rest.
Sunday May 3, 2009
This year's 100th anniversary Giro d'Italia visits some of the great Italian cities, including my old home town of Bergamo, which hosted a stage finish just 2 years ago. It was pretty much your average northern Giro stage - big climbs, epic weather, super racing and amazing food... here's a look back to get us in the mood...
Thursday June 5, 2008
Say Arrivederci to the Giro as it’s almost Bonjour to Le Tour. We’ve got the latest on the ASO/UCI punch-up as well as the tune up events in Luxembourg and France. Stateside, it’s Philly and a full-up Nature Valley as well as Johan serving up some bedtime reading. It’s a global ET and it’s full today.
Thursday June 7, 2007
So many hilites, so little time… There’s not much in Italy that does not involve food – and good eating is as much part of their cultural experience as it is nutritious and tastey. I ate a lot of great food in the last two weeks, but one meal stood out above the rest.
Sunday June 3, 2007
As much fun as it is to ‘vive il sogno’ chasing this beautiful race around a beautiful country (and it is a blast), the amount of hours and work that go into producing daily coverage keeps us working from morning in Europe to night on the North American west coast. Here's how we do it...
Monday May 28, 2007
It’s the weather that's not cooperating. The days since my arrival at the Giro’s final week have been rain-filled and gloomy. After getting shutout of my planned big pass ride on yesterday’s stage 15, I was determined to sample the finishing climb today. And inspite of the crappola weather… redemption was mine, although not exactly as I'd expected.
Sunday May 27, 2007
It’s two weeks down, and one to go for the ’07 Giro. PEZ correspondent Bob Cullinan wraps-up his week with some of the best behind-the-scenes moments from Italia.
Friday May 25, 2007
PEZ' resident Italian poet/correspondent, Alessandro Federico, made his way to the epic heights of the Colle Dell'Agnello and left with words of music and pictures of alpine heaven and a day better not forgotten - check it out...
Thursday May 24, 2007
The Biella TT is the shortest stage of the Giro. But the prep for this “race of truth” starts long before the first partenza. Want to see what it takes to get Tinkoff ready? PEZ takes you to the team hotel in Torino.
Wednesday May 23, 2007
You see ‘em every day at the finish line, they’re impossible to ignore and many say the most beautiful in the biz, but who are these girls who kiss the winners and smile for the cameras? PEZ introduced ourselves to the lovely podium girls of the Giro d’Italia.
Wednesday May 23, 2007
It’s a beauty of a day along the most beautiful stage of the Giro. While the corsa skirted the hills high above the fabled Cinque Terre, we took a side trip to the azure waters of these tiny villages tucked into the rugged and spectacular coastline, and as always, sampled the local fare.
Monday May 21, 2007
A wise old cyclist once wrote a book and told us “It’s not about the bike.” He must have been talking about the Giro d’Italia. At this race, it’s all about the people… meet the cast of characters from Stage 9.
Sunday May 20, 2007
One man’s pleasure is another man’s pain. The guys at the front of today’s Giro stage were sufferin’…but the boys in the peloton called it an “easy” day. Stage 8 is as fast as a Ferrari up front.
Saturday May 19, 2007
The Italians have a phrase that best sums up a week like this…”Vive il sogno”…Live the dream. Week two the Giro d’Italia is about to begin… and we’re jumping back into the fray to sample the food, the history, the scenery… and the best bike racing in the world.
Friday May 18, 2007
Our crack week 1 PEZ-Crew of Ed Hood and his trusty driver Dave set out on a bitter sweet journey this morning – on they’re final day of our week 1 coverage, their quest was to find the spirit of the Giro on road to Spoleto. A lot of nice people and a little vino seemed to do the trick…
Thursday May 17, 2007
As the Giro begins its 6th day, the routine of finding the start, chasing the race, seeing the finish and filing a story remains elusively - and thankfully - anything but 'routine'. As travelers in a strange land, our simple plan of book-ending a story from 'villagio partenza' to 'finito' proves the kind of entertainment money can't buy...
Wednesday May 16, 2007
The first three stages in Sardinia were just an appetizer, today is the real thing; a mountaintop finish. You can't win the Giro today, but you could go a long way towards losing it; the road climbs for 20 kilometres at the end with the actual mountain accounting for approximately 16 K of that. Ed Hood was once again right in the midst of the festivities.
Tuesday May 15, 2007
PEZ-Man Ed Hood just can't stop himself, he's talking to everybody, and for us, that's a great thing, because what else is there to be done on what might be the earliest Rest Day in history? Mr. Hood gets his chat on with young Nicolas Roche, Steven Cummings, and our own Dario Cioni.
Monday May 14, 2007
After today's final hot crossing of Sardegna to the port of Calgiari, the entire pink floatilla boarded ferries for the mainland and Wednesday’s tough 4th stage. But earlier today, PEZ checked in with Milram’s Brett Lancaster and Liquigas’ Charly Wegelius on the race so far…
Sunday May 13, 2007
Robbie McEwen stock was raised to a new level in your correspondent’s eyes today; after driving the entire course and seeing the severity of the climbs in the last quarter of the race I was convinced that there would be major splits. Sardegna is full of surprises – from the tough parcours to the beauty this island presents at every turn…