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Saturday January 7, 2017
Best Of 2016: The love of negroni by 'The Pez' is well known and he shares that liking with Chuck Peña. One of Chuck's favorite places for a meal and a negroni in Washington is Coppi's Organic Restaurant; the food, drink and atmosphere is great... and there is that big cycling connection.
Friday March 20, 2015
Though Milan may be known primarily for its fashion, its cathedral and the great Milan-San Remo bike race, it is only slightly less well known for its creamy, golden, saffron-infused risotto. Though I typically do not like to repeat dishes and/or styles of dishes (barley risotto…), this dish is just too classically “Milanese” to overlook in conjunction with Milan-San Remo.
Sunday October 20, 2013
So many hilites, so little time… There’s not much in Italy that does not involve food – and good eating is as much part of their cultural experience as it is nutritious and tastey. I ate a lot of great food in the last two weeks, but one meal stood out above the rest.
Wednesday August 7, 2013
In a land of amazing food, and even more amazing people, there’s always one meal that stands out when I chase the Giro. These moments materialize when least expected, but remain stuck in my mind as one of life's truly 'good times'. This one involved a smoking grill, homemade wine, and being held against my will...
Friday March 12, 2010
The salty air of the Mediterranean Sea hits you long before its azure blue comes into view. And while the ProTour boys continue their race to the sun, it’s unlikely they’re enjoying the kind of cuisine southern France is best known for. But there’s no better way to celebrate “The Race to the Sun” than with a light, bright, and lean seafood stew. So grab your mussels, clams, and Provencal herbs and get to it.
Friday January 22, 2010
The deeper we delve into the dark and lean winter months, the more appealing big and hearty flavors become. A thick stew with complex flavors goes so much better with a muddy cross race or a wet training ride than a mixed greens salad - no question about it. Let’s dig in…
Thursday August 20, 2009
Your post Tour hangover has just about worn off, your own season is winding down, and that insatiable desire you had in January (seriously, January) to get out on your bike and put in HUGE miles is all but gone. Nonetheless, the weather is nice so what else are you gonna do with your weekends? And when you get back home, you’ll definitely want something wet and cold to drink…
Thursday August 13, 2009
In a land of amazing food, and even more amazing people, there’s always one meal that stands out when I chase the Giro. Oddly, these moments materialize when least expected, like my Meal To Remember from 2007 – which I tried really hard to get out of… and ended up being damn glad I didn’t miss it.
Tuesday July 14, 2009
With all of cycling's eyes on France this time of year we thought it only right to pay a some homage. Here’s a summery, quick, cheap and easy version of everyone’s newest favorite French dish: Ratatouille – done on the grill.
Friday June 5, 2009
If you give commercial America enough time with anything, no matter how delicate and Italian it once was, it will probably turn it into something like, oh I don’t know, Pizza Hut’s newest monstrosity, the PANormous pizza. But since we at are in the business of shattering expectations of what healthy (or unhealthy) food can and should be, creations like that are exactly why pizza is one of our absolute favorite foods to make.
Friday May 1, 2009
When I think of the Northern Classics, I think of 3 things: Belgium, beer and frites. But if I was to make anything that resembled the riders’ diets over this couple of weeks it would contain far too much mud or dust to be palatable, let alone be a tasty, appealing meal. Luckily the Pez himself had a better idea: Mussels.
Friday February 13, 2009
I say there are few foods more Californian than, err, Mexican food, and with the right recipe and ingredients, you can kick that “grease soaking through the bag” mental image of takeout Mexican food. This month’s offerings are simple, healthy, appropriate for the training cyclist, and mucho tasty…
Friday January 9, 2009
It's a New Year, so lighten up... One of the best things about wearing spandex on a daily basis is that it easily hides fluctuations in your waist line of one direction or the other (typically one direction more than the other). Despite this, after two months of eating and drinking, and eating and drinking, personally, I am ready to lighten up a bit.
Thursday November 27, 2008
Nothing warms the bones on a cold day better than freshly prepared risotto, and this month’s recipe makes great use of those Thanksgiving leftovers, flavored with the goodness of seasonal vegetables, all on a base of hearty barley. It’s time to break out the cast iron and get cookin…
Thursday September 18, 2008
Fall is here, and for many of us the racing season is no longer. Depending on where you live, September often means nice weather for spending time outside, and why for many epicureans it also means back yard BBQ time. Cooking with fire is every man’s privilege, so fire up those coals and let’s get grillin’…
Friday August 15, 2008
PEZ-Fans can not live on a diet of cycling alone, which is why we toss in enriching content when the time is right – like this lazy Friday in August. Why just live life when you can really enjoy it – and why treat your taste buds like used car floor mats? Tastey food that fuels the ride is the way to go, so here’s an easy recipe you can do yourself…