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Tuesday February 24, 2009
Roadside St. 7: With three days of riding on the stage routes already under my belt, I’d planned stage 7 as my “queen” stage. I’d scored an invite to join the Amgen-Giant Masters Charity Challenge, riding from Santa Clarita to Pasadena.
Saturday February 21, 2009
Roadside St. 6: It’s 10:30 Friday night, I’ve been up since 5:30, and in between were some of the most action packed hours I’ve seen on Tour. Weeks ago I called shotgun for Gustav Larson’s TT ride, and I watched the Team SaxoBank rider lay down his podium ride right before my eyes…
Thursday February 19, 2009
Roadside St. 4: We’re back on the road after another epic day – the sun is long gone and we’re driving south from Fresno enroute to the stage 5 finish in Paso Robles. It’ll take a couple hours to get there, which should be just enough time to recapture today’s … essence, and recount an awesome day that began with a classically Buttheaded move...
Wednesday February 18, 2009
Roadside St. 3: It’s 4:36 and I’m plodding my way across northern California’s “lovely central valley” with LOOK USA’s head honch Ming Tan, we’ve just dodged bouncing oil drums (empty but well rusted) that blew off a flat bed and almost nailed us head on – chapeau to Ming for handily dodging disaster and thanks to all the drivers behind for not creating this evening’s local news headliner – “Pile Up On I-205”.
Monday February 16, 2009
Greetings from a horrifically wet Sausalito, California, where Pez has just bade farewell to the soggy, pensive peloton. Pretty grim here, folks, pretty grim indeed. Click this link and come in from the rain, Pez readers, and here what Lance, Jens, Tyler, and more had to say before another punishing stage in the Amgen Tour of California.
Monday February 16, 2009
PEZ Roadside St. 1 of the Amgen Tour of California is in the books. The wet, wet, books. Today’s weather was about the worst it could be for a bike race, and Pez rolled the rounds at the beginning, middle, and finish of the race, to bring you the roadside happenings. A drunken taxi mate, some vicious winds, a solid inch of rain, and a glorious win for Francisco Mancebo were the hallmarks of the day. Come along, little kiddies...